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Ljubljana is the Slovenian economic, political and cultural capital as well as one of the smallest
European capitals. The dazzling hilltop castle dominates the green river Ljubljanica and its
historical old town. Visitors can establish an instant intimate relationship with the city. The
wealth of historical sights, theaters, museums, excellent restaurants and bars and street
musicians make a visitors stay very pleasant. The traffic free streets of the Old town and banks
of Ljubljanica river are full of life. And life indeed started there long time ago.

Ljubljana day tours
In the Roman times the Roman city of Emona was founded. First mentioned in remote 1144 as
Luwigana, the city developed between the castle hill and the Ljubljanica River. First it
developed into a thriving medieval trading and military centre and later into an elegant baroque
and secession capital of the Slovenes.

Ljubljana day trips
As Ljubljana is in the centre of Slovenia, so the Castle hill is in the centre of Ljubljana. The
funicular takes visitors to the castle and from its Tower you can enjoy breathtaking views of the
whole city as well as the mighty Julian Alps in the distance.

ljubljana day tours
Ljubljana has won the title of The European Green Capital in 2016. The city is breathing through
many parks and trees. Three quarters of the entire territory of Ljubljana are green areas that
can be visited also with the bicycle sharing system that allows you to enjoy and discover
Ljubljana in a very sustainable and fun manner.

ljubljana day trips
Many consider the real heart of the city as the open air farmer’s market of Ljubljana. Placed
between the river and the castle hill, crowned by the architectural jewel of covered market by
greatest Slovenian architect Dr. Jože Plečnik, its lively and colorful atmosphere and
colorfulness will enchant you and make you feel at home.

Ljubljana day trips
Ljubljana will grow into you and compared with almost city it will surely become one of your
favorites. Let it share its magic with you!

day trips ljubljana


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It takes about one hour from Ljubljana to reach the region of Slovenia called Bela Krajina (The South mark). Crossing the Gorjanci mountains that separate it from the Dolenjska region is one of the most spectacular views that opens up to the visitor,  The view of the ‘sleeping beauty’at the southernmost region of Slovenia. Widely undiscovered by the tourists it fascinates the traveler with its unspoiled nature and welcoming smiling people.  Villages and towns alternate with forrest areas, white birch and juniper.

day trips ljubljana

The rolling hills are covered with vineyards centered by ‘zidanice’ or so called wine houses, where the locals store and enjoy their wine. ‘Zidanice’ also host many agritourisms that welcome you with sounds of accordion and very typical and hearty local food, such as “pogača’, home made meat products, roasted lamb and pastries – of course all accompanied by excellent white and red local wines and homemade juices. The nature is very giving because of the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea exerting the influence.

day trips ljubljana


Bela Krajina has a rich cultural heritage with many folk dances and typical white linen folklore dresses that add to the diversity and distinguish the region.

day trips ljubljana

Towns like Metlika, Semič and Črnomelj are inviting the travelers to experience a unique experience of little communities with beautiful medieval town squares and rich history that dates back to the  Medieval and Roman times and beyond, such as Mitraheum in a small village of Rožanc dating from 2nd Century, where the image of god Mitra was carved in the stone by Roman settlers.  Churches, castles and their ruins can be seen in towns of Metlika, Gradac, Črnomelj and elsewhere in the region. They testify of the rich history of human presence through the ages.

day trips ljubljana

Rivers Kolpa, Krupa and Lahinja with their green waters are mysteriously spectacular on their way through the green landscapes. The Carsic source of river Krupa is under a 30 meters high rock wall and it is also the habitat of the ‘Human fish” or Proteus and its surroundings represent one of educational paths of Bela Krajina. Kolpa river is probably the most important landmark that is also the natural border that divides Slovenija and Croatia. The southernmost Slovenian river is also called “The longest Slovenian coastline’ and is one of the purest and warmest rivers in the country. The temperature of the water in the summer reaches 28 degrees Centigrade which makes it perfect for swimming and it is extremely rich with fish. 

day trips ljubljana

Bela Krajina is the ultimate ‘off the beaten path’ experience that will warm your heart with unspoiled nature, hearty food and excellent wines. And people of Bela Krajina with their smiles and natural kindness and generosity will make your memories lasting and heartwarming.

day trips ljubljana

bike tours

Cycling Slovenia

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Slovenia is one of the  smallest  european countries, but offers the vast variety of landscapes. It´s diverse landscapes are calling for to explore it from a saddle of your bike.

cycling slovenia


Gentle hills of northern Istria peninsula and its salt pans, Karst plateau with over 11.000 caves,Julian and Kamnik alps including remarkable emerald Soča river valley, hilly wine growing area of Goriska Brda, flatlands around the capital city of Ljubljana, hilly central part with lots of hot water springs and spa resorts and more flatlands in the north east.Beeing a country that promotes itself, and declared the first  Green Destination based on The Green Destinations Criteria, it is clear, our diverse country has a impresive network of bike trails, on road and off road for demanding mountain bikers, recreational cyclists or family biking adventures.



slovenia cycling

Furtermore, the variety of Slovenian landscapes offers other activities to be combined with biking, such as paragliding, trekking, fishing, canyoning, white water cayaking, rafting or hiking. You will always have the oportunity to sample great homemade delicacys along the way, accompanied with various wines from our wine growing regions.All our bike tours are taylor designed, based on the slovenian region you are visiting and staying at. We are going to find trails suitable for you and your friends and family, provide a back up van if needed, arange the accommodation in hotels or tourist farms.





slovenia cyclingWe will provide bikes  according to the type of biking trail you will choose. Yes, we´ll get you an electric one , as well.It doesn´t stop here, though. In the past, we have designed,organised and lead  biking tours outside Slovenia, as well. On the coast and in the hinterlands of neighbouring Italy, in the southern, Croatian part of Istrian peninsula and in Bavaria in southern Germany.


Slovenia4seasons is a right partner to organize a private taylor made bike tour for you.

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Lake Bled and Bohinj

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Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia are two of the many gems of Slovenia. Lake Bled is a popular tourist “must see” and Lake Bohinj is more of a hidden gem that is gaining popularity. Driving from the highway, you come along Lake Bled first and are entranced by this alpine village situated in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. In the middle of the village is the emerald colored, glacier lake demanding the center of attention. The water is pristine and the swans gliding in the lake bring to memory stories of magical settings in children’s books.

In the middle of the lake is an island with a church with roots going back to 745 AD. Since the 17th century, the church is of Baroque appearance. Getting to the island is a romantic, relaxing ride in a Pletna boat operated oarsman. They do the work for you as you soak in the tranquility. If you are more of the active type, you can rent the boat and do the rowing yourself.

Surrounding the lake are charming hotels and restaurants that resemble Swiss chateaus or villas. It is a complete escape to sit and enjoy the famous cream cake of Lake Bled or a glass of wine while cherishing the ambiance and beholding all the beauty around you. Also looking down on the lake, on a cliff, is the statuesque castle that adds the perfect touch to this enchanting atmosphere.

As if Lake Bled were not enough, there is the undisclosed and often eclipsed Lake Bohinj. Driving past Lake Bled, you follow the road all the way to Lake Bohinj. Many people do not discover this hidden belle of the ball. She is an unexpected stunner despite any loyalty that lingers for Lake Bled. It is difficult to chose a favorite. Luckily, it is not needed. One does not need to choose because they can both be enjoyed in the same day.

Arriving to the lake itself, it takes your breath away looking at the reflections of the mountains in the crystal clear lake. At the entrance of the lake stands the Church of St. John The Baptist. The church is over 700 years old and parades the beautiful architecture and fresco paintings from this time in Slovenia’s history.

Leaving the church, you cross over a beautiful bridge that looks out towards the lake with people swimming (depending on the season) or enjoying other water sports. The air of contentment fills the air. You can lay in the sun or enjoy the water as you like. If it is not warm, there may be snow to appreciate as it transforms Lake Bohinj from a fairy tale into your reality. You can also keep driving around the huge lake and discover more stops for picture taking.

Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia are two of the most gorgeous lakes not only for Slovenia, but for all of Europe. Both lakes free you of this world’s worries and show you that there are places on our earth that are still pure and unsaturated with long lines and overpriced tags attached to them. Welcome the novel concept that sometimes people and places really can delightfully surprise you.