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The spectacular southern province of Spain Andalusia is a blissful tourist hotspot that offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for the wandering souls. The historic cities, charming white villages, exceptional architecture and art make the region worth visiting. This Majestic region lies between Mediterranean and Atlantic. Picturesque national parks, sandy coastlines, and delicious local cuisines are only a few highlights of the region. It is also an ultimate gastronomic destination for true foodies. Everything about the region is magical and surreal. Here are the most popular and top rated cities of this majestic region and a few things to do in each of these.


visit spainSeville is the capital of Andalusia which also happens to be the centre of Moorish civilisation.  Moorish Heritage radiates through the beautifully painted tiles, palaces, minarets, and lobed arches.  3 most popular things associated with Spain are tapas, toros and flamenco which are originally associated with Seville. The city is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and the most popular of them is the SeviIlle cathedral. It is an enormous structure with beautiful relics, curios and architectural flourishes. It is a world heritage site with 80 different chapels. You can still witness the hints of a mosque which stood here once. Don’t forget to visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus which is also a part of the cathedral.

Next big deal in city is Giralda, which can be visited under the same ticket. Its Moorish origin can be spotted by the minaret. It is said that the muezzin used to ride his horse up to the top instead of walking.

The Real Alcazar is still under the use of the Spanish royal family. You can visit the state room, balls and chambers of the royal family. The complex is an exceptional depiction of Mudejar style. It was built in the 14th century.

The semi-circular Plaza of Espana is another striking monument which was built in 1929. This colossal monument will leave you awestruck.

Some other must visit places in Seville are:

  • Maria Lusia park
  • Triana
  • Flamenco Shows
  • Museum of fine arts
  • Feria de Abril


visit spainA thousand years ago, Cordoba, the largest city in the world this was also the capital of the caliphate.  Even though the Umayyad caliphate is gone a long time ago, but you can still witness the mosque, cathedrals, and other exceptional architectural structures from centuries ago.

The first and the most striking architectural structure of Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral.  It is a symbol of golden age with numerous artistic pieces all along.  The mosque was turned into a church in 1236, and numerous chapels were built until 1500, when it became a cathedral.

Patio de los Naranjos is another great Moorish architectural masterpiece. 98 orange trees create a perfect view during the spring.

The Jewish quater and historic centre offer a great opportunity to experience the well preserved part of the Moorish Cordoba.

The roman bridge of Cordoba is one of the most postcards worthy sights in the city.  The Roman Bridge dates back to the first century and you can admire the mediaeval architecture preserved in the best way possible. Some other must visit attractions in the city of Cordoba are:

  • Calahorra tower
  • Medina Azahara
  • Palacio de Viana
  • Archaeological Museum


visit spainThe city of Granada is home to Moorish heritage that dates back to more than 700 years ago. The marvellous streets of the Moorish city were laid in the medieval time and preserved so well that you might start thinking as if you actually live in that time.

Alhambra palace and Sierra Nevada mountain range are the highlights of the city of Granada. Alhambra is a magnificent site with enchanting palaces, courtyards and gardens.  The complex was built between 1200s and 1300s, and the emirs of the Moorish civilisation would come here to beat the heat.  If you want to spend an enthralling day in these serene courtyards and Royal chambers of the Moorish palaces, make sure to book very well in advance.

The gardens and grounds of Alhambra are so huge that you will need another day to visit and enjoy the serene beauty. Generalife has some of the most exceptional fountains, geometric pools, topiaries, hedges and architectural structures.

The Granada cathedral is the seconds largest of its kind in Spain. It was built in the 16th century with gothic foundations and renaissance interior.

Sacromonte is the traditional neighbourhood of Granada which is located in the east of Albyzin district. It remained home of gypsies for a long time and now you can witness some of the best flamenco performances here.

Some other must visit attractions in Granada include:

  • Albyzin
  • Alcaiceria
  • Royal Chapel
  • The Banuelo
  • Granada Charterhouse


visit spainJerez de la Frontera is blessed with numerous attractions, which keep the traveler busy as they stay in this beautiful city. It has some of the most unique architectural structures along with exceptional natural sights. The fist and the culturally most important place to visit in Jerez de la Frontera is the Alcazar. It was built between the 11th and 2th century under the Moorish rule and we can still see the watchtower and defensive walls standing tall after so many centuries.

The Jerez cathedral is located a few minutes away for the Alcazar. This beautiful masterpiece was constructed between 1695 and 1778. The bell tower is separate from the main building which was a sight for church.

If you are in Spain, you cannot miss out on the world famous show of  Andalusian Horses Dance as Jerez is home to Royal Andalusian of Equestrian Art that is native to this region. The horses as well as the riders will leave you awestruck with their skills and art.  Plaza de Toros or bullring was initially built in 1840, but required major renovation after a serious fire breakout. A series of tiles on the right side of the building are a tribute to the biggest bull ever that fought here and got killed.

These are only a few things to do in Jerez de la Frontera. If you have more time, don’t forget to visit

  • Bodegas Tradición
  • Lustau
  • Feria Del Caballo
  • Tabanco El Pasaje


visit spainCadiz is the capital of Costa de la Luz which became popular for its exceptional scrumptious seafood, historic centre and postcard perfect blue flag beaches. The first and the most popular attraction of Cadiz is the Castle of Saint Sebastian. The walls of the fortification offer a delightful view of the Atlantic. The lighthouse was built by Muslims and other structure was constructed in 1706. The beauty of this place attracted many directors, so you must have seen the castle in numerous movies.

Playa La Caleta is the oceanfront of the city on the western side. It is not only a simple beach side, but is of huge historical importance. This natural harbour was used by Romans, Phoenicians, and Carthaginians to moor their ships as they travelled with the waves to explore the world. Today this blue flag beach is a great relaxation point for locals as well as international travelers.

Cadiz cathedral was constructed in the rococo, neoclassical and baroque style. It offers a beautiful view of Cadiz port. It is another wonderful sight in theme city.

You can also visit the picturesque Parque Genoves, which borders the university front and offers incredible viewpoints like waterfalls, lake, sculpture of dinosaurs and botanical gardens etc. It’s a perfect relaxing spot for families with kids as well.

You may also want to visit some other destinations like:

  • Torre Tavira
  • Gran Teatro Falla
  • Mercado Central
  • Puerta de Tierra


visit spainMagical little town of Ronda is another must visit region of Spain. It is the most popular spot in the province of Malaga. Most places here seem to unreal and too enchanting to be true.

Puente Nuevo is undoubtedly the most iconic structures of the whole Spain. The earliest bridge collapsed and had to be rebuilt which took about 42 years and lives of numerous workers to complete.

Puerta de Almocábar is another must visit attraction in the city of Ronda. Its Moorish origin can be identified by the horseshoe shape of the arch. It is original Arabic citadel of Ronda that depicts interesting facts about the history of the town.

Neoclassical Plaza de Toros of Ronda was built in the late 18h century, which also became the birth place of the modern bullfighting art. Bull fighting may not be equally exciting for everyone, but it is as eternal part of the Andalusian culture. Royal Cavalry of Ronda built this arena with idyllic landscape of meadows and holm oaks.

The rocky landscape of Ronda cannot have a plain garden or park if you can enjoy the serene beauty of the surroundings at Alameda del Tajo. It is an open space with plane trees and vegetation for everyone to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening under the sky.

Some other must visit attractions of Ronda include:

  • Iglesia de Santa María La Mayor
  • The wineries
  • Iglesia del Espíritu Santo
  • Arab baths
  • Museo Lara


visit spainAndalusia offers a great variety of architectural wonders. These quiet and serene Hilltop villages show the enchanting Moorish charm with simple yet attractive structure.  White washed houses are surrounded by mountains that create a picture perfect view. Most of these villages are located in the Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra Nevada, and Las Alpujarras. These characteristic Moorish towns were built centuries ago but their charm and beauty has kept them alive for so long. Some of the must visit Pueblos Blancos in Andalusia are:

  • Arcos de la Frontera
  • Cliffside town of Ronda
  • Garzalema
  • Medina Sidonia
  • Zahara de la Sierra
  • Sierra de Cadiz
  • Hilltop villages of Salobrena


visit spainThe seaside city of Malaga is known to be the capital of Costa del Sol. The city is rich in history, and depicts the Islamic history of the country in a very interesting way. You will find numerous museums and architectural structures that radiate the history of the region. It also hosts various functions that depict the Andalusian culture.

La Alcazaba is the most popular destination of the city. It is a Moorish fortress Palace that was first built in the 8th century. For the next 500 years, the Palace was expanded in different directions. Roman columns were used to build gateways, fountains, and gardens in the outer citadel of the Palace.

Just beyond the outer wall of the la Alcazaba, lies one of the most ancient monuments of the city; Roman Theatre. Romans used it for 300 years until it was finally used as a quarry by the moors.  It was re-discovered and restored in 1959 and brought to an acceptable shape.

Malaga Cathedral took one and a half century to get completed. You can instantly figure out the renaissance, and baroque style architecture. It played a significant role in the history.

Castello de Gibralfaro is also a Hilltop fortress which is also a characteristic figure of Malaga. It has towers, and ramparts that were built for war purpose. The fortress stands tall for 2500 years and the Spanish government has preserved it very well.

Some other must visit attractions of the city are:

  • Museo del Vidrio
  • Ataranzas market
  • Automobile and Fashion museum
  • Malaga beaches
  • Picasso Museum


Andalusia is a diverse and daunting region of Spain. You can have a time of your life in any major cities of the region. If you are thinking of exploring Andalusia a private tour couldn’t be a better idea,  You will be able to witness the most flamboyant mixtures of cultures. There is still clear and undeniable evidence of the existence of the Romans and the rule of Moors. The region is just perfect for a relaxing vacation away from the bust metropolitan life.

A private tour is the best way to explore the natural landscapes and towns of Andalusia.  Whenever you plan a private tour for Spain contact S4S travel agency and check the selection of small group tours and private tours here…

visit portugal


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Portugal lies on the Iberian Peninsula in the southern part of Europe. Visiting Portugal is a great vacation option as it offers incredible opportunities for luxury travellers and adventure lovers. The country stretches about 800km along the Atlantic coastline. The magnificent river Tagus is one of the crown jewels of the capital city of the country Lisbon. The country has a mixed landscape with a mixture of rugged and Mediterranean scenery. Portugal is home to some of the quaintest villages, coves and booming cultural scene. If you love beaches, and islands, Azores archipelago and Madeira are worth visiting. You can also admire architectural marvels from the 15th and 16th century in different cities including Lisbon. From the southern mountain ranges to the sun-baked central region, the whole country is a marvel. Portugal

Here are out 10 best places to visit in Portugal:


visit portugal

Lisbon is a modern metropolis just like London or New York. It is jam packed with exciting activities and opportunities for people from all walks of life. The city is historically rich and with unending tales of Roman imperials, Moorish builders and pirates from centuries ago.

One of the must visit landmarks of the Portuguese capital is the Torre de Belem. Lying at the seafront, this beautiful tower is an epic display of Moorish, Mudejar and gothic architecture.  Undoubtedly, it is the most iconic feature of the city built in the 16th century by Saint John.

The Alfama district of Lisbon is just like any other old town centres’ of Europe. It is the oldest part of the city dating back to the moors of Africa.  The winding alleys and streets of this quaint town lead to cathedrals, Chapels hidden squares and old city walls.

If you love to visit museums, Lisbon will surely not disappoint you, as you will have plenty of options to choose from including Azulejos in the National Tile Museum, National Museum of Ancient Art, Museu do Oriente, and Modern Berardo Collection Museum. Some other must visit attractions include:


  • Monastery of Jerónimos
  • St George’s Castle
  • Lisbon Oceanarium
  • Mercado da Ribeira
  • Rossio



visit portugalThe mercantile city of Porto is all about business and trade. The city has a huge number of exciting destinations that will keep you engaged during your trip to Porto. Baroque churches, Romanesque cathedrals and compact streets are just a few to mention.

Both locals and tourists equally enjoy the hustle of Cais da Ribeira, the picturesque riverside of the city. There are countless bars and restaurants around the place to have a wholesome gastronomic experience. Don’t forget to take an iconic click on the Luis Bridge.

The church of Sao Francisco is the last gothic monument in Porto. It was built back in 1425. The intricately carved pillars, walls and vaults represent true gothic art.

Foz do Doura is your gateway to the ocean. Palms and pines make this lighthouse even more beautiful and special.

Lastly, sitting right beside the ocean, Porto definitely has so many beach options. Out of the 10 most prominent beaches of Porto, Matosinhos is the most popular one.

Some other must visit places in Porto include:

  • Muralha Fernandina
  • Church of Santa Clara
  • Parque de Cidade
  • Parca da Liberdade



visit portugal

Sintra is another great tourist destination located about 30 minutes from Lisbon. It is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site.  Don’t forget to visit the splendid baroque churches, grand mansions and magical palaces of former kings and queens of Portugal.

Quinta da Regaleira is a beautiful display of monuments including masons, divinations and knights. Adding to the confusion and delight, there is a proper system of tunnels and grottoes.

Pena palace has recently added to the list of 7 wonders of Portugal. It is built on multiple styles including Renaissance and Moorish charms. The Pena palace was used as a summer residence, which is why it has exceptionally beautiful gardens.

Cabo da Roca is 140 meter high cape with huge boulder and outcrops. At this point Serra de Sintra suddenly disappears into the ocean. The lighthouse makes it even more iconic.

Another must visit attraction of Sintra is the castle of the moors. It is located on the northern most peaks of Sintra with 4 square towers offering an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some other noteworthy destinations are:

  • Park and palace of Monserrate
  • Palace of Sintra
  • Convento dos Capuchos
  • Old centre of Sintra
  • Praia da Ursa



visit portugalThe timeless city of Evora is another UNESCO World Heritage site, because of immense amount of remains from the Roman and Mediaeval Times.  Romans were the first one to settle in the town, and built immense defensive enclosures for which they had to destroy many temple and now you will find their ruins.  Evora is also known to have the second oldest University of Portugal along with numerous Neolithic Monuments, churches, and Chapel all around the city.

One of the most visited places in the city is the Evora Roman Temple, which is also the highest point in the city; offering a great view of the surroundings.  The monument has survived the first century through the mediaeval times until it was finally restored in the 1870.

Evora Cathedral is a beautiful study tower characterized by its conical spires.  Undoubtedly, it is an architectural masterpiece with a small museum showcasing gold and silver work.

Attached to the church of Sao Francisco, Capela dos Ossos is an ossuary made with the remains of thousands of monks from the 16th century.  The walls are arches and pillars are lined with skulls and bones.

The Agua de Parata aqueduct is the most striking feature of Evora, which still remain tall since the 16th century.  The aqueduct was used to channel water for at least 20km in the city.

Some other popular tourist destinations include:

  • Museu de Evora
  • Evora University
  • Parca do Giraldo
  • Church of Sao Francisco


visit portugalThe enchanting town of Obidos was home to one of the most popular queen Urraca of Leon.  It was gifted to her by Afonso II.  The queen decorated the city with buildings and monuments.  The fertile valley also produces vines and cherries, so you will find numerous vast orchards in Obidos.

The historic townscape of Porta da Villa seems to be a scene from a movie.  The authentic white washed houses are lined with blue or yellow borders.  There are numerous souvenir shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlours in the surrounding area.

The Obidos Castle was founded by the moors in the 700s, and it was later renovated in the 1200s.  Everything about the castle is too good to be missed.

Obidos Lagoon is a beautiful water body that eventually empties in the ocean. It is a splendid site with two long sandy spits running parallel to each other. The shallow water of the Lagoon is perfect for people avoiding the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Don’t forget to visit:

  • Porta da Villa
  • Parca de Santa Maria
  • Igreja de Santa Maria
  • Callas da Rainha



visit portugalTavira is undoubtedly the most beautiful town in the Algarve region.  Its picture asks seaside is the main tourist attraction along with the old streets castles and churches.

Praia do Barril is a world-class beach with a wide belt of white sands surrounded by huts, restaurant, and many museums.  If you have kids, board them on the miniature train that will cross the dunes and creeks, making the journey even more exciting.

The Tavira Castle is one of the best remains of the Moorish era.  You can also climb to the Albarrana Tower for a panoramic view.

Paraia da Ilha de Tavira is the nearest beach from the main town.  Take a ferry ride across the barrier island from the mainland for €2 only.

Take a day trip across the city offering a tour to some other Majestic tourist destinations like:

  • Igreja da Misericordia
  • Tavira Camera Obscura
  • Parca da Republica
  • Palacio da Galeria


Ponte de Lima

visit portugalPonte de Lima is known to be the most charming city of Portugal with so many historical buildings, fancy mansions, gardens, and picturesque country side.

River Lima is the most popular destinations in the city. It is vast and can be crossed through the stone bridge build centuries ago.

Ponte de Lima is the most floral town. The historical centre of the city is lined with pansies, and petunias producing beautiful site, and sweet scent. Interestingly, the city has a toy museum displaying play things used in Portugal from the 20th century. The city also has amazing Gothic parish churches with exterior and interior architecture.

Some other places are Museu dos Terceiros and Museu do Brinquedo Portugues.



visit portugalBraga is one of the oldest cities of Portugal, which used to be the centre of religious power back in the 4th century.   You will see numerous Cathedral Churches, chapels, and monasteries in the city.

Bom Jesus do Monte is the most visited tourist attraction of Braga, which lies on the hilltop.  It is a sanctuary receiving pilgrims since the 14th century.  Making up to the stair way with 640 steps needs a lot of devotion. The baroque sculpture, fountains, and neoclassical architecture makes it worth the hype.

Braga Cathedral is another architectural wonder in the city, which was modified many times in the past.  You can easily pick out the Romanesque Gothic, Manuline Renaissance, and baroque elements in its decoration.  It also houses the Tomb of the son of King John I.

Next to the Braga Palace, the beautiful formal Gardens of Santa Barbara are a must see in summers with numerous colourful flowers and birds.  Admire the sculpture and stone work all the way to the Patio of the Palace.

Parca da Republica allies ride in the middle of historic Braga also known as Arcada.  It is one of the best points to start your trip to Braga as the tourist office is located here.  The square is old and was built in the 1800s, now walled by tall buildings.

If you are a fan of historical structures, visit Misericórdia Church, Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, Arco da Porta Nova, and Chapel of São Frutuoso.



visit portugalMertola lies in the South Eastern region of the country near the Spanish border. It is also home to numerous historic and architectural structures. The city also offers exceptional gastronomic experience for true food lovers.

Parque natural do Vale do Guadiana was created in 1995, which is characterized by plains, valleys, and hills. The city hoists one of the most important rivers of the country known as Rio Guadiana. The park is home to a diverse flora and fauna, including some endangered species as well.

Igreja Matriz is the most striking parish church known for its conical decoration. It used to be a mosque, but then later converted into the church.

Some other must visit destinations are:

  • Castelo
  • Alcacova
  • Casa Islamica
  • Casa Romana
  • Torre do Relogio



visit portugalAverio is a fairy-tale city of the country. You will see canals crisscrossing the city with beautifully colored gondolas locally known as Moliceiros. The pastels shades in the older parts of the city gives the city a perfect look for classic old town in the modern world. While in Averio, you are always minutes away from the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. The quite sandy beaches are a perfect get away from the hustle of the city life.

Mosteiro de Jesus convent took 2 centuries for its completion. The convent is rich in history and architecture popular for being the residence of Joanna, princess of Portugal.

Museu de Aveiro was established in 2011, in a monastery building. It houses huge religious collection from all over the city. You will see a huge collection of carved stonework, renaissance paintings, glazed tiles and historic vestments.

Don’t forget to take a city tour of Moliceiro, which are beautifully painted with bright colours. Some other attractions in the city include:

  • Rossio Area
  • Forum Averio
  • Old Train Station
  • Costa Nova

A private tour is the best way to explore the natural landscapes and towns of Portugal.  Whenever you plan a private tour for Portugal contact S4S travel agency and check the selection of small group tours and private tours here…

visit macedonia


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Stunning Europe through our eyes.

Travelling has always been our obsession. Beautiful coastlines, lined with white sands, forested mountains wrapped with twisting roads, create a sprawling landscape in my eyes. The world is gorgeous, and sometimes it stuns you unexpectedly with its pristine beauty. Talking about Europe, it always seems undiscovered due to uncountable natural and architectural sites. The Balkan states, in particular, are among the major tourist attractions.

Recently, when we got desperate to travel, we decided to make a Balkan tour from Adriatic to the Black Sea. From the beautiful cerulean Adriatic coastline, known for its scenic beauty and clustered islands, we started from Albania, then North Macedonia. We traveled to Bulgaria, exploring the beautiful locations and ending at Black Sea.


The ideal time to visit Albania is from April to June, when the temperature is 17 to 23 degrees celsius.


visit albania

A private tour of Albania will start from Tirana International Airport where you’ll meet your guide. You’ll be transfered to your centraly located hotel right on the main square.

Tirana is a 1600 years old city with disintegrating buildings from the soviet-era and proud historical monuments. The city is bounded by beautiful natural landscapes, which call for exploration. Tirana is not a big city, and you can easily roam around the whole place in a day, ideally by a private car.  Places to visit are Skanderbeg Square, a vast central plaza, Ethem Bej Mosque, the National History Museum, and many more.



From Tirana, there is a 2 hours drive to reacha Berat Old Town. Berat is located on the Osum River in Central Albania. It is known as the City of Thousand Windows. It is selected as a UNESCO site due to its dense white traditional houses from the Ottoman-era. Apart from the other architectural structures, topping them all is the Berat Castle, a massive fortress.

 Berat castle is the most prominent structure, as it is located on a rocky hill. The colossal castle belongs to the Roman era, now inhabited by the townsfolk. The spacious compound holds within the Red Mosque, Byzantine churches, and Onufri National Museum. On another side is the Ethnographic museum, displaying traditional crafts, a reconstruction of an old bazaar. The structure is an 18th-century house.

There is an observation deck, which gives you a breathtaking view of Gorica Hill, and the Mangalam Quarter, and the beautiful mountains surrounding Berat.

Kruje District

visit albania

Kruje is a small town in north-central Albania, between Mount Kruje and the Ishem River. Kruje holds significant value in Albania, as it is the hometown of George Skanderbeg, the greatest Albanian hero ever lived. It’s a small town which can be explored in just a day. The places to visit are the Skanderberg Museum, Fateh Sultan Mehmed Mosque, a Turkish bath, and dinner at Bardhi restaurant for delicious Albanian food.


The North Macedonia republic is located in the southeast part of Europe, neighboring Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo & Greece.  The country offers beautiful scenery from lakes to mountains and is rich in history. Private Balkan tours can be a great help to explore the best of the country. Capital city Skopje offers two sides: the old town start Čaršija has beautiful sightseeing with narrow alleys and on the other hand the new modern center where you can find hotels and restaurants. Similarly, the city of Ohrid has the UNESCO world heritage site lake of Lake Ohrid.


visit ohrid

Ohrid is the largest city at the lake and the eighth-largest city in the country. The city offers different tourist attractions. The city has been inhabited since ancient times by the Greek Dassaretae. The ruins of Samuel’s Fortress was so fascinating to watch, which was built to guard the town from the attract from the First Bulgarian Empire. The ancient theatre of Ohrid is a treat to watch which indulges you in ancient history. Ivans  gallery is the art museum which attracts a lot to explore. St George(the theologian) is a grand historic church, a must-visit place. Natural sites to explore are Beach Potpesh and Old City Park.


visit macedonia

Skopje is the capital city of Republic of North Macedonia; Skopje indulges tourists towards its urban beauty, which is situated on the river Vardar. Romans rule the city, the Serbians, and the Ottomans; its vibrant architecture, landscape incorporated ottoman’s era of mosques is marking Skopje as an international travel destination. The ancient structures of Skopje include Macedonian Square, the Stone Bridge, the Grand Skopje fortress. Lake Matka is a beautiful naturalistic location, where you can spend a pleasant afternoon. Another idea to spend your evening is going to Old Bazar, which holds beautiful mosques and churches, a clock tower and the museum of modern art.


visit bolgariaBulgaria is a Balkan state with a distinct advantage over its neighbors. Bulgaria offers a kaleidoscope of culture and fun activities. The proximity of these various cultures ensures that the country has a steady stream of local and international tourists throughout the year. Bulgaria is a must-go place if you are planning for a Balkan tour. Different private tours offer to visit Bulgaria packages that suit your time and money. The main tourist attractions in the country are Capital Sofia, Plovdiv & Varna.


visit bulgariaNature lovers can enjoy the best outdoor activities, cafes, and nightlife. Rich in history, landmarks are over 2000 years old, capturing the tourist attraction. If you are into a live band, Sofia is your place to visit amongst all Balkan tours. You can find piano bars such as Big apple, Sinatra, and LimeLight.


visit bolgariaPlovdiv is a must-go place; you can witness why it is called the cultural capital of Bulgaria. Its old town has many tourist attractions like a Roman theater, art gallery, museum; apart from that, you can find many cafes and restaurants to treat you to local food.


visit bulgaria

Bulgaria’s city of Varna is the city by the sea; in your Balkan tour, VARNA must place if you are a beach lover.  From golden sands to beautiful resorts. Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria at the seaside of the Black sea coast. Varna is the city with the significant economic, social and cultural center of Bulgaria.


The Balkan tour is the best way to explore the natural landscapes and cerulean beaches lined with white sands—the white houses with pointed terracotta roofs. Whenever you plan a private tour for Albania, you must not forget this setting going all the way from the coast of  Adriatic to the Black Sea. Check the selection of small group tours and private tours to the Balkans here….

visit italy


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If there’s a hidden magical green hilly area on earth, it’s none other than Umbria, Italy. It is located in the center of Italy, bordering Tuscany, Lazio, and Le Marche. The mysterious region, often known as Italy’s green heart, is surrounded by meadows and grasslands. Besides greenery, Umbria has something to offer for every taste.

Where to go and what to see on the Umbria tour?

Here are the top attractions that are a must-visit in Umbria tours:


visit italy

Don’t forget to visit the home of San Francesco, built over Mount Subasio. Here you can find antique white stone palaces that can take a history buff to ancient times. If you’re the one close to religion, you can have a spiritual experience in the city as Italy’s Patron Saint, St Francis, lived and prayed here for a long time of his life.



visit italy

Spello is a beautiful village located on Mount Subasio where you’ll hardly see tourists. It is a town for locals, but they will welcome you with a smile if you visit. Here you can find many cathedrals and churches worth visiting.

Lake Trasimeno

visit italy

One of the largest lakes in Italy is Trasimeno. It is worth visiting if you’re planning a honeymoon with your partner in Italy. The lake is surrounded by villages where you can find resorts for a night’s stay. So you can experience a stargaze at the lakeside with the love of your life.



visit italy

The capital city of Umbria, which is also known as’ Chocolate capital of Italy.’ If you visit Italy in October, you can have fun at the Euro Chocolate Festival.

Marmore Waterfalls

visit italy

Marmore is the tallest man-made waterfall collected in the Neva River. The cascade was created by Romans back in 271 BC. There are five different routes to reach the destination. You can choose any of them depending on your fitness level.

What to eat

visit italy

Umbria will undoubtedly give your taste buds a delightful treat. The most famous Umbrian foods that you must try include black Truffles, Salted Ricotta at Perugia, Fish at Lake Trasimeno, Porchetta sandwich, and Pasta Alla Norciana. Take olive oil and cheese as gifts for your dear ones as Umbria has the best production of these.

What to drink

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Italy is at the top list of countries producing wine today, and Umbria wine is notable of all. So when visiting Italy, wine is the first choice of drink for every visitor. You can not resist without sipping the tanned red wine at Montefalco. Moreover, the town of Orvieto is also famous for Umbrian white wine.

Things to do at Umbria Tours

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The best things to do at Umbria tours are as follows:

  • Have a musical night at the Umbria Jazz Festival.
  • Hike along Mount Cucco to admire the mesmerizing nature and landscape.
  • Visit the most romantic city-Spoletto with your loved one. The city features an bridge/Roman aquaduct that traverses a massive fortress on one side and gorge on the other.
  • View sunset at the terrace of the café at Spello while having a latte and your favorite dessert.
  • Take instagramable pictures at the square of three walls at Todi that is often used as a movie set.

From delicious cuisine to historical destinations, to wine tour, to balcony sunsets, to night stay at resort-style villages—Umbria is the epitome of a tourist destination. Check our combine Tuscany and Umbria tour

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5 best Balkan capital cities to visit

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The Balkan Peninsula is a a perfect holiday destination for those who are looking for a fantastic experience full of beautiful places and several fun activities to make your trip memorable and worth your time. Some of the unspoiled historical places and instaworthy destinations of the Balkans is all you need to head out after this never ending quarantine.


Here are the top 5 cities of the Balkans that should be on your list:


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Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital, which is surrounded by some of the most exquisite sights in the world. The city is lively with roadside restaurants and beautiful historic architecture. Don’t forget to take a stroll over the famous triple bridge, admire the pink church and then move to the Ljubljana castle. You can also head to the Lake Bled, which is only 40 mins from the capital. A complete day at the lake is still not enough to let that beautiful view sink in. Best period to tour Ljubljana is around Christmas due to its decorations and markets.



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Belgrade is one of the most famous cities in the country when it comes to turbulent history and remarkable events.  The junction of two great rivers of Sava and Danube creates a picture-perfect view and several picturesque architectural pieces and natural beauty. Some of the must-visit places in Belgrade are the Belgrade fortress, the beautiful cobblestoned Skadarlija, the church of St Sava, the Ada Ciganlija beach, and the Knez Mihailova street. A must stop while touring the Balkans!



visit balkansThe capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo, is a diverse cultural region where Muslims, Jews and Christians coexist peacefully. It is home to some of the most ancient buildings with beautiful ottoman and gothic architecture. You can take a quick Sarajevo walking tour to enjoy the sight of the Latin bridge, the city hall, city hall, the old town, Sebilj fountain or join a Balkan tour going to Sarajevo.


visit bulgariaThe Bulgarian capital has a lot to offer because of its rich history and complicated past.  The modern city of Sofia is full of Roman history and architecture that will leave you amazed for a while.  The first and most beautiful things to visit in the city are Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, followed by the ruins of St George Rotunda that date back to the year 300. Vitosha Boulevard offers a great option to have a peaceful experience: buy fresh groceries and enjoy the pleasant weather on the cafes along the pedestrian streets. If you are a fan of historic buildings, visit St Sofia Church and Boyana church.  You can also hike to the 2200 meter Vitosha Mountain. Explore it on a Balkan tour.


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Athens, Greece’s capital, is a universe in itself, offering a rich blend of history and modernism all in one place.  Architecture and the museums depict Greek history and iconic places.  Some of the must-visit places in Athens are Acropolis,  paratenon,  the Acropolis museum,  the ruins of Erectheion, the temple of Hephaestus and the temple of Athena Nike.


The Balkan Cities have a different and attractive vibe, which makes them worth visiting as we all plant to refresh ourselves from the self-isolation imposed by the pandemic. Check our Balkan tours.

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Le 5 migliori escursioni di 1 giorno da fare a Trieste

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L’Italia è senza dubbio il paradiso dei turisti. Trieste, situata nella regione più orientale d’Italia, è famosa per la sua meravigliosa cultura, stile e ricca storia. È una delle più grandi città che si estende lungo la costa del mare Adriatico. Una piccola striscia di terra confina con la Slovenia ed è per questo che vedrai che la regione è influenzata da culture diverse. Trieste ha affrontato una grave battuta d’arresto durante la seconda guerra mondiale, ma ne è risorta in pochi anni. Alcune delle principali attrazioni includono il porto di Trieste, Piazza Unita d’Italia, Canale Grande, il Teatro Romano di Trieste, il Castello di Miramare, la Collina e il Castello di San Giusto, la Barcolana e molto altro ancora.

Se sei di base a Trieste, puoi goderti una serie di avventurose gite di un giorno dalla città. Esplora le città d’Italia o attraversa il confine per vedere i bellissimi paesi della Slovenia e della Croazia. 


Diamo un’occhiata alle 5 migliori escursioni da fare durante il tuo soggiorno a Trieste:



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La piccola città di Aquileia è a circa un’ora di macchina da Trieste . Aquileia fu la quarta città più importante dell’impero romano. L’area archeologica e il mosaico del pavimento della città sono patrimonio mondiale dell’UNESCO. Visita la Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, il Museo Nazionale paleocristiano e il Museo Archeologico Nazionale nella città di Aquileia.

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La gita continua con una visita a Cividale del Friuli . La bellissima città è piena di numerose attrazioni che visitiamo durante questa escursione . Il tuo tour a Cividale è una passeggiata attraverso la ricca storia dell’Europa. La città fu fondata nel 53 a.C. dall’imperatore romano Giulio Cesare  … leggi di più sulle gite di un giorno a Aquileia e Cividale…



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Lubiana è la capitale e il centro della Slovenia. La sua architettura e cultura hanno un tocco italiano visibile. È stata dichiarata Capitale verde europea nel 2016 a causa della sua atmosfera giovane e alla moda. La maggior parte della città è area pedonale con una vasta rete ciclabile e attrazioni come Piazza Preseren, Ponte Triplo, Castello di Lubiana, Ponte dei draghi e lo squisito mercato centrale.

Dopo aver visitato Lubiana si parte alla volta della bellissima località di Bled .

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In questa zona trovate le attrazioni naturali più belle del paese. 

Se prendi una barca a remi per l’isola di Bled, situata al centro del lago avrai l’opportunità di incontrare emozionanti sentieri escursionistici, la collina, i punti di nuoto e alcuni degli snack più gustosi intorno al lago di Bled. Puoi visitare la Chiesa sull’isola di Bled ed esprimere un desiderio. Le leggende dicono che il tuo desiderio diventerà realtà se suoni il campanello e fai una preghiera. … leggi di più sulle gite di un giorno a Lubiana e sul lago di Bled…



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L’Istria si trova a un’ora di distanza da Trieste. È la regione più occidentale per la Slovenia e Croazia. La regione ha alcuni dei luoghi più storici e pittoreschi che meritano sicuramente una visita. Il primo posto da visitare in Istria è la cittadina di Novigrad che offre squisite spiagge di ciottoli e una deliziosa cucina. La città di Pola è stata fondata circa 3000 anni fa e ospita l’anfiteatro meglio conservato al mondo insieme a bellissime spiagge, attraenti barriere coralline e emozionanti punti di immersione . Montona è una città medievale circondata da boschi e vigneti. Si trova sulla cima di una ripida collina e dovrai percorrere 1052 gradini per raggiungere la città. Qui avrai la possibilità di apprezzare la Chiesa di Santo Stefano, le splendide mura della città, il tour di degustazione del miele o il film festival del cinema di Montona se sei lì all’inizio di agosto. Altri luoghi da visitare includono Grisignana, Orsera, Vodnjan, la città costiera di Rovigno e la vecchia città mineraria di Albona. … leggi di più sull’Istria …


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Le vacanze perfette includono sempre alcune delle spiagge e delle coste più belle ! La costa Slovena è un tratto di 46 km che collega l’Italia e la Croazia. Capodistria ospita l’unico porto della Slovenia. La città offre una cucina tradizionale servita con vino locale con tocco mediterraneo e belle visite turistiche. La spiaggia di Pirano si trova sulla penisola e si estende verso il mare Adriatico. La spiaggia è diversa in quanto non troverai molta sabbia ma un percorso pedonale lungo il mare. La città di Pirano offre un’entusiasmante combinazione di architettura austriaca e veneziana che può essere vista da lontano. Altre spiagge da visitare sono la spiaggia di Portorose, Mesecev Zaliv, Mestna e Izola. … leggi di più sulle gite di un giorno a Pirano …


La Valle dell’Isonzo è il luogo privilegiato per l’outdoor in Slovenia. La valle è il principale luogo di attività all’aperto del paese ed offre infinite esperienze per gli amanti dell’avventura .Potrai visitare la chiesa dello Spirito Santo, un bellissimo monumento commemorativo della prima guerra mondiale. La tua prossima destinazione nella valle potranno essere le Gole di Tolmin, l’entrata nel Parco Nazionale del Triglav. Un’altra bella attrazione della valle è la grande gola del fiume  Isonzo. Famosa meta turistica per la sua bellezza paesaggistica e i colori offerti dalla natura. La cascata di Kozjak è considerata la cascata più bella del paese. La valle offre anche sport come kayak, nuoto, escursionismo, volo con paracadute e la zip line più lunga d’Europa. Puoi anche goderti un tour in bici intorno alla valle …. leggi di più sulle gite di un giorno nella valle dell’Isonzo …

Ci sono diverse opzioni di gite di un giorno dalla città di Trieste. Dato che si trova in prossimità della Slovenia e della Croazia, scoprirai facilmente l’intero paese.




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5 best day trips when staying in Trieste, Italy

Italy is undoubtedly a tourist’s heaven. Trieste, located in the easternmost region of Italy is famous for its beautiful culture, style and rich history. It is one the largest city stretching along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. A small strip of land borders with Slovenia which is why you will see that the region is influenced by different cultures. Trieste has faced a major setback during world war II but revived from it within a few years. Some of the major attractions include the Trieste harbour, Piazza Unita Italia, Canale Grande, Trieste Roman theatre, Miramare Castle, St Gusto hill, Barcolana regate, the Castle of Saint Giusto and so much more.

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Croatia is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations of the world. Everything about the country fascinating and enthralling. It offers numerous dream destinations to tourists including the most serene beaches, quaint old towns, lively city squares and the busiest markets. Admire the Venetian era stone buildings, Mediterranean sunshine and water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing and water skiing. 

Here are 10 must visit places in Croatia:

1.Plitvice Lakes

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Plitvice Lakes are one of the most visited lakes with its natural attraction and scenic beauty. The Park is filled with exquisite emerald lakes connected to each other by mesmerizing waterfalls. Amid the lush forest, 16 crystalline lakes are linked to each other creating the most picturesque view. The scenery is made even more attractive with wooden footpaths and bridges. You can explore the park and the lake on foot as well as in free boats offered by the Park management. Thousands of butterflies’ hover over the beautiful rumbling water.  Being one of the most popular, Plitvice Lakes receives more than a million tourists per year.  


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If you have watched Game of Thrones, welcome to Kings Landing. Cersie made her walk of atonement through the St. Dominika street. Visit the house of undying in the Minceta Tower. You have also seen Pile and Blackwater bay in the series. Enjoy the serene view of the Adriatic Sea while taking a walk on the Dubrovnik walls. It is a two hours walk that includes climbing the Minceta tower and viewof the old town. Some other must-visit places of the city include the old town, Stradun, Lovrijenac and Lokrum Island.

3.Split Diocletian Palace

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Roman architecture is the most treasured structural design around the world. Diocletian Palace is made up of a summer house, military camp and a luxury villa. The rectangular place has four large and four small towers. The palace may not be in its original form entirely but it still reflects the true roman architecture.


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The picturesque town of Rovinj used to be an Island that was separated from the mainland through a narrow channel. However, it was filled about two decades ago. The town is lively, joyous and colorful with cobblestone streets, restaurants, cafes and galleries with an Italian touch. The active fishing port makes the town even more energetic.

5.Pula Amphiteater

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The Arena of Pula which is also commonly known as the Roman Amphitheater that was a stadium for gladiator fights. You tour of Croatia cannot be completed without a guided tour of the most famous monument of the country. The structure is made up of lime stone which accommodated 20000 spectators. If you visit Croatia in summers, make sure to attend Spectacvla Antiqva, the modern day gladiator fights. Not only this, the venue is also used for events like opera, concerts, ballet, Pula Sport Festivals and sports competitions inviting over 5000 spectators.


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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia which offer some of the most pleasant sights to the visitors. The red-roofed houses and cobble stone streets a perfect sight. The neo-baroque architecture and colorful murals covering the concrete walls can be explored if you choose to walk through the city. Not only this, you can also visit the famous Archeological Museum and the Mimara museum showcasing the artwork of Holbein, Velazquez, Goya, Canaletto, Rubens, Monet, Renoir. Gradec street and Jelačić Square will also grab your attention as you roam around the beautiful city.

7.Hvar island

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Another city of Croatia that offer beautiful sightseeing in Croatia is the Hvar Island. The island is filled with Venetian white stoned renaissance architecture, exquisite landscapes, lavender fields, orchards and vineyards. Visit the tranquil beach of Dubovica which is famous for the snow shite sand and crystal clear water. Take a guided tour to the Franciscan Monastery, St Stephan’s Cathedral and square to have a glimpse of the ancient architecture. 

8.Korčula Island

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Korčula is a 20 miles long Island which is the 6th largest Island of the country. The island is famous for its palaces, churches and medieval squares. You can enjoy moreska sword dance or admire the house of the legendry explorer Marco Polo. You can also visit the historic town from Split or Dubrovnik. You will find the most delicious and fresh sea food at Korčula. The water of the Adriatic river is glassy and scuba diving in such beautiful waters is a lifetime experience. The local culture of the Island, musical traditions and its connection to history fascinates the tourists.


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Grožnjan might be a smaller town as compared to the other attractive cities of the country but is worth the time. This old town is established on a hill top is filled with courtyards and workshops of artists and narrow cobblestone streets. The town was a 14th century Venetian fortress which has now turned into a quaint town with several self-made artists.

10.Mali Ston

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Mali Ston is a beautiful village of the country and another eminent tourist destination. The town is famous for oyster, salt and 7 miles long defensive wall. Mussels and flat oyster are the best known merchandise of the town. It also indicates that a gastronomic tour of the town will also be equally interesting. Taste the most scrumptious seafood with local wine and enjoy every moment of your tour to this beautiful land.


Croatia is a heaven on Earth. With abundant natural attractions and scenic beauty, the country also offers the most treasured Roman architecture preserved in its best form. Plan a private trip to Croatia like Croatia Highlights to explore the gems of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastline. 

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Slovenia a country of 2 milion people is a real gem to explore.

Squezed between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia with a surface of about 20.000 km2 (size of New Jersey state) is diverse and compact. You »l find four different landscapes: Dinara mountains, Julian Alps, Adriatic sea and Panonian plain, which they cross here. They all bring their flora and founa that’s why Slovenia has a very high biotical diversety. Below are ten places not to be missed when traveling in Slovenia.

10 not to miss places while traveling in Slovenia:

1.Lake Bled – Pearl of the Alps

slovenia private tours

2.Ljubljana – The charming capital

slovenia private tours

3. Predjama Castle – The cliff-hanging castle

slovenia private tours

4. Piran- The dream city

slovenia private tour

5. Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj – National park 



slovenia private tours

6. Soča Valley – Emerald river

slovenia private tours

7. Brda Wine Region – Best Slovenian wines

slovenia private tours

8. Ptuj – The oldest Slovenian town

slovenia private tours

9. Škocjan Caves – UNESCO heritage site

slovenia private tours

10. Lipica Stud Farm

slovenia private tours

If this part of the world is in your trip planner, our agency Slovenia4Seasons is a right place for the start of your Slovenia adventure. Whether you are travelling on your own and looking for daily activities or you are interested in an all-inclusive service, we are here to help. We can provide guided tailor-made tours or put you in contact with best vendors in the region.       

To find out more, check our Slovenia 4d tour, Slovenia 7d tour or Slovenia 10d tour  or contact us on



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After an experienced traveler has already visited the famous cities in Europe and got the taste for Italy, France, Spain and other big tourist destinations of the old continent, the refined travelers tastebuds may be looking for more. Wanting more of the traveling thrill poses question – where to go next? If you are looking for an overload of history, culture, architecture and other thrills that you need to reveal to yourself – Western balkans is the answer! Since the most remote past the territory trapped between the Alps, Panonian plain and Adriatic Sea has been the playground of history. The clashes between different religions and civilizations, empires and religions were inevitable in this strategic area. Everyone left something behind to rediscover. Come with us and be surprised! Enjoy our trips and learn about the exciting past and present in the Balkan Peninsula.

10 sites not to be missed when traveling in the Balkans:

balkan private tour

  1. Albanian capital Tirana
  • The city that grew from 200.000 to almost a million inhabitants in only 30 years is wild, ancient and modern. Situated between the mighty Albanian mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Tirana will charm you with its dynamic life, busy traffic and excellent food. Once a hermetically closed  communist dictatorship country, it is now thriving with life and rushing towards a better future!

balkan private tour

  1. Lake Bled with Island
  • Situated under the Julian alps in Slovenia, Lake Bled looks like a picture postcard. The Glacier lake was created some 14.000 years ago during the last ice age and it will charm you with its turquoise waters. Take the boat and be rowed to the island and ring the bell of wishes. Take a deep breath of fresh alpine air and enjoy the tranquil timelessness under the mighty castle of Bled!

  1. Athens Acropolis
  • Greece is inspiring. One of the most powerful views is the Ancient Acropolis that dominates the great city of Athens! Walk the streets of Plaka, visit the sites where democracy and modern western society was born. Go where the past walks hand in hand with the present and enjoy the spirit of modern Greece!

balkan private tour

  1. Kotor Old town
  • One of the impressive Unesco World heritage sites, the Kotor bay, hosts the ancient town of Kotor. Protected by the steep Montenegrin mountains it provided the perfect hideout port to all kinds of marine powers of the Mediterranean Sea through the millenniums. Walled first by Venetians, it played one of the major roles in the southern Adriatic Sea. Its limestone streets are packed with restaurants, bars and shops.  It offers a unique experience of the ancient and contemporary!

balkan private tour

  1. Dubrovnik Old Town
  • The Pearl of the Adriatic, once the small but powerful capital of Republic of Dubrovnik – one off the most glorious and powerful Maritime republics in the Mediterranean Sea.  It is impossible to describe the view at its 16 century defense walls. Dubrovnik is a magnet for tourists from allover the world. One of the localities where “The Game of thrones” was shoot will simply overtake you with its beauty, history and hospitality!

  1. Sarajevo Baščaršija Old Bazaar
  • Did you know that Sarajevo used to be the second most important city in the old Ottoman Empire? First settled by the ancient Romans and later established by the Turks it offers a unique blend of multi ethnicity, the coexistence of different religions and architectures. Emerge yourself into delights of the original Turkish Bazaar and enjoy the European breeze brought there by the Habsburg rulers of Austria!

balkan private tour   

  1. Plitvice Lakes
  • Probably the most beautiful Croatian national Park, The Plitvice lakes attracts people from all over the world. Sixteen terraced lakes with its clean and green waters and astonishing millennial forests are UNESCO protected. Don’t miss this if you love beautiful and pristine nature, fresh air and hearty local food!

balkan private tour

  1. Durmitor National park
  • The highest mountains in Montenegro are home also to the most impressive canyon in the Balkans.  The canyon on the river Tara is by its depth second only to The Grand canyon in the USA. Its wild waters offer plenty of opportunities for one of the best rafting sites in Europe. Mighty mountain peaks covered by Black pine forests gave the name to Montenegro. Discover its wild beauty with us!   

balkan private tour

  1. Meteora
  • ‘The hanging monasteries’ of Meteora are breathtaking! During the 400 years of Ottoman occupation the Christian Orthodox Greek monks were building monasteries on high rocks to preserve their religion. The marvelous sandstone formations of Meteora and many monasteries on their tops have been an inspiration for centuries. Experience the mystic of the ancient Orthodox world and enjoy the breathtaking views of the gorgeous landscape!

balkan private tour

  1. Ohrid Lake
  • The oldest lake in Europe has more than one million years under its belt. Lying between Northern Macedonia and Albania, Lake Ohrid has witnessed rich history since prehistoric times. The timelessness of the town of Ohrid will impress you with its churches, monasteries and incredible rich history. Did you know that the two Slavic saints – St. Cyril and St. Methodius made foundations for the Cyrillic handwriting in Ohrid? Discover the magic of Ohrid lake and its people, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans!

We are passionate about Balkans and have been fascinated by its hungry soul over and over again! That is why we have prepared ‘The Balkan delight’ tour to share with you. Join us and widen your horizons on one of the best trips of your lifetime! We have selected a great route and you will be assisted by experienced tour managers and best local guides.

Join the adventure.

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The fact that Istrian Peninsula stretches over 3 countries – Croatia, Slovenia and Italy – is giving the area magnificent cultural, geographical and historical diversity. It would be hard to put all the reasons of why to visit Istria in one blog, but here are some of our favourite ones.

Istra tours

Old medieval hilltop towns are one of the main reasons why Istria is being renowned as a new Tuscany. Charming and historically rich settlements offer a unique opportunity for an escape from bustling tourist towns located on the coast. Most of the towns are located alongside Mirna river (meaning ‘quiet river’), with Motovun being the most popular among foreign travellers. On the north shore of Mirna river you can visit two of the ‘’Motovun’s small brothers’’. A tiny settlement of Oprtalj and bohemian town of Grožnjan, locals favourite with numerous art studios, tiny galleries and summer homes owned.

Gastronomy is one of the things that will stay in your memory long time after visiting Istria. Area around Livade and Motovun is renowned as world capital of truffle hunting. You would be surprised to learn that the world’s biggest truffle was found here and is also home to a month long truffle festival held every fall. The taste of fresh truffles is best experienced in a pasta (Croatian: ‘fuži sa tartufima’), and Istrians are master chefs when it comes to the preparation of this traditional dish. There are various types of pasta and gnocchi changing from town to town. Pljukanci, Fuži and Njoki are just some of the most popular ones. If you feel like learning more about traditional Istrian food, try some of the cooking classes at rural farm-to-table agritourismo. In addition to truffles, don’t forget to sample some of the world’s best olive oil.

istra tours

Since the meal without the wine can only be called breakfast, it means that you will have the opportunity to complement your gastro experience with some amazing local Istrian wines. Istrian Malvazija is the best choice for white wine lovers. This most famous and popular regional wine is with its fruitiness and freshness perfectly matched with fresh seafood and other light meals including pasta and vegetables. Red wine lovers will enjoy Istrian Teran, made from an indigenous grape to this peninsula. Area also offers great conditions for production of sparkling wine, and although not traditional to this region, it is becoming increasingly ubiquitous nowadays. Wine production in Istria is boutique and family oriented, so do not expect that you will find these wines overseas. Best way to enjoy some of them back home is to visit local wineries for wine tasting and buy the bottle you like the most.

istra tours

If food and wine are not the centre of your interest, Istria offers plenty of other things that you can indulge. Peninsula is filled with historical and archaeological sites, the most famous one being the Roman amphitheatre in Pula. One of best preserved roman coliseums is still frequently used for the events, from concerts to ice hockey matches. Nearby Brijuni Islands National Park offers great journey from the times of dinosaurs to the post World War II socialist times of Tito. Coastal towns of Rovinj, Poreč and Piran will take you back to the Venetian times and make you feel like you are in smaller and more charming version of Venice.

istra tours

Active travel is becoming a popular way to see the world, so let’s mention a few activities that will get your blood pumping while discovering Istrian hidden corners. Peninsula’s landscape is perfectly shaped for cycling lovers. Mountain bikers can enjoy the peacefulness of Parenzana bike paths or trigger their adrenaline rush at Grožnjan enduro trails. Road cyclists can challenge themselves on numerous kilometres of quiet roads and climbs in peninsula’s inland. Hikers can enjoy spectacular views from the highest Istrian Mountain ‘Učka’ and if you are up for some water activities, sea kayaking around Rovinj or Kamenjak is the best choice for you.    

istra tours

If this part of the world is in your trip planner, our agency Slovenia4Seasons is a right place for the start of your Istrian adventure. Whether you are travelling on your own and looking for daily activities or you are interested in an all-inclusive service, we are here to help. We can provide guided tailor-made tours or put you in contact with best vendors in the region.     

istra tours   To find out more, contact us on




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Why The Balkans?

Traveling to destinations that are culturally, religiously and geographically so very different is usually expensive and time consuming.  It may be so, of course, if you have never visited the Balkans. 


The concentration of historical events, breathtaking nature and the mixture of religions along with different nationalities and languages is amazing due to the geographical position between the east and west.  The millenary clash of different empires, religions and peoples involving the Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Venetians, Turks, Germans, Austro-Hungarians, Italians, French, Yugoslavians and others have added to the rich cocktail of the Balkan Peninsula. Winston Churchill used to say that the Balkans produce far more history than it needs! The strategic position between Central Europe, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea was the site of many wars fought for domination over it.  The nations involved left their footprint in the rich fusion of cultures, languages and religions.


Where can you travel by land and within a few hours of each other reach the remains of the Roman Empire, Venetian walled cities, Turkish fortresses, mosques and Austrian Neoclassical architecture?  Where in the world can you enjoy the breeze from the Julian Alps in Slovenia as you try the Kranjska sausage with cabbage while just a couple of hours away you can find yourself in Istria by The Arena of Pula, (a Roman amphitheater from the 1st century) eating fuži with local truffles before heading off to the Plitvice Lakes to see one of the natural wonders of the world?



Mountainous Bosnia and Herzegovina is the ethnic and religious emulsion of the Balkans. Orthodox christians, Catholics and Muslims have shared everyday life there for centuries. Sarajevo, the Olympic city and the tourist magnet town of Mostar, with its elegant Ottoman bridge over the turquoise Neretva River will leave you speechless with its heritage and architecture.


Visit Dalmatia, the Croatian coastline on the deep blue Adriatic Sea.  Dalmatia has stunning views and its gem cities and towns are full of Mediterranean flair as you enjoy the excellent seafood and full-bodied wines. The Dalmatian road will eventually bring you to the Pearl of Adriatic, the famous city of Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik has had diplomatic skills and for centuries dominated the Mediterranean Sea second only to mighty Venice.


Through the mighty Montenegrin mountains and canyons that reflect over the glorious past of this little brave nation, the road will bring you to the mysterious Albania, or “Land of the Eagles”, its Illyrian and Hellenistic culture opens the gate to ancient and modern Greece and Northern Macedonia.  All of these countries are so different from each other yet share the monuments of the ancient world as well as great culinary pleasures and delicious wines.


Treat yourself with a rich cultural experience at a great value while viewing astonishing nature. Enjoy local foods and wines. Learn about the history, religions and art like nowhere else. Get to know the hungry soul of the Balkans.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Ljubljana is the Slovenian economic, political and cultural capital as well as one of the smallest
European capitals. The dazzling hilltop castle dominates the green river Ljubljanica and its
historical old town. Visitors can establish an instant intimate relationship with the city. The
wealth of historical sights, theaters, museums, excellent restaurants and bars and street
musicians make a visitors stay very pleasant. The traffic free streets of the Old town and banks
of Ljubljanica river are full of life. And life indeed started there long time ago.

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In the Roman times the Roman city of Emona was founded. First mentioned in remote 1144 as
Luwigana, the city developed between the castle hill and the Ljubljanica River. First it
developed into a thriving medieval trading and military centre and later into an elegant baroque
and secession capital of the Slovenes.

Ljubljana day trips
As Ljubljana is in the centre of Slovenia, so the Castle hill is in the centre of Ljubljana. The
funicular takes visitors to the castle and from its Tower you can enjoy breathtaking views of the
whole city as well as the mighty Julian Alps in the distance.

ljubljana day tours
Ljubljana has won the title of The European Green Capital in 2016. The city is breathing through
many parks and trees. Three quarters of the entire territory of Ljubljana are green areas that
can be visited also with the bicycle sharing system that allows you to enjoy and discover
Ljubljana in a very sustainable and fun manner.

ljubljana day trips
Many consider the real heart of the city as the open air farmer’s market of Ljubljana. Placed
between the river and the castle hill, crowned by the architectural jewel of covered market by
greatest Slovenian architect Dr. Jože Plečnik, its lively and colorful atmosphere and
colorfulness will enchant you and make you feel at home.

Ljubljana day trips
Ljubljana will grow into you and compared with almost city it will surely become one of your
favorites. Let it share its magic with you!

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It takes about one hour from Ljubljana to reach the region of Slovenia called Bela Krajina (The South mark). Crossing the Gorjanci mountains that separate it from the Dolenjska region is one of the most spectacular views that opens up to the visitor,  The view of the ‘sleeping beauty’at the southernmost region of Slovenia. Widely undiscovered by the tourists it fascinates the traveler with its unspoiled nature and welcoming smiling people.  Villages and towns alternate with forrest areas, white birch and juniper.

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The rolling hills are covered with vineyards centered by ‘zidanice’ or so called wine houses, where the locals store and enjoy their wine. ‘Zidanice’ also host many agritourisms that welcome you with sounds of accordion and very typical and hearty local food, such as “pogača’, home made meat products, roasted lamb and pastries – of course all accompanied by excellent white and red local wines and homemade juices. The nature is very giving because of the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea exerting the influence.

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Bela Krajina has a rich cultural heritage with many folk dances and typical white linen folklore dresses that add to the diversity and distinguish the region.

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Towns like Metlika, Semič and Črnomelj are inviting the travelers to experience a unique experience of little communities with beautiful medieval town squares and rich history that dates back to the  Medieval and Roman times and beyond, such as Mitraheum in a small village of Rožanc dating from 2nd Century, where the image of god Mitra was carved in the stone by Roman settlers.  Churches, castles and their ruins can be seen in towns of Metlika, Gradac, Črnomelj and elsewhere in the region. They testify of the rich history of human presence through the ages.

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Rivers Kolpa, Krupa and Lahinja with their green waters are mysteriously spectacular on their way through the green landscapes. The Carsic source of river Krupa is under a 30 meters high rock wall and it is also the habitat of the ‘Human fish” or Proteus and its surroundings represent one of educational paths of Bela Krajina. Kolpa river is probably the most important landmark that is also the natural border that divides Slovenija and Croatia. The southernmost Slovenian river is also called “The longest Slovenian coastline’ and is one of the purest and warmest rivers in the country. The temperature of the water in the summer reaches 28 degrees Centigrade which makes it perfect for swimming and it is extremely rich with fish. 

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Bela Krajina is the ultimate ‘off the beaten path’ experience that will warm your heart with unspoiled nature, hearty food and excellent wines. And people of Bela Krajina with their smiles and natural kindness and generosity will make your memories lasting and heartwarming.

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Cycling Slovenia

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Slovenia is one of the  smallest  european countries, but offers the vast variety of landscapes. It´s diverse landscapes are calling for to explore it from a saddle of your bike.

cycling slovenia


Gentle hills of northern Istria peninsula and its salt pans, Karst plateau with over 11.000 caves,Julian and Kamnik alps including remarkable emerald Soča river valley, hilly wine growing area of Goriska Brda, flatlands around the capital city of Ljubljana, hilly central part with lots of hot water springs and spa resorts and more flatlands in the north east.Beeing a country that promotes itself, and declared the first  Green Destination based on The Green Destinations Criteria, it is clear, our diverse country has a impresive network of bike trails, on road and off road for demanding mountain bikers, recreational cyclists or family biking adventures.



slovenia cycling

Furtermore, the variety of Slovenian landscapes offers other activities to be combined with biking, such as paragliding, trekking, fishing, canyoning, white water cayaking, rafting or hiking. You will always have the oportunity to sample great homemade delicacys along the way, accompanied with various wines from our wine growing regions.All our bike tours are taylor designed, based on the slovenian region you are visiting and staying at. We are going to find trails suitable for you and your friends and family, provide a back up van if needed, arange the accommodation in hotels or tourist farms.





slovenia cyclingWe will provide bikes  according to the type of biking trail you will choose. Yes, we´ll get you an electric one , as well.It doesn´t stop here, though. In the past, we have designed,organised and lead  biking tours outside Slovenia, as well. On the coast and in the hinterlands of neighbouring Italy, in the southern, Croatian part of Istrian peninsula and in Bavaria in southern Germany.


Slovenia4seasons is a right partner to organize a private taylor made bike tour for you.

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Lake Bled and Bohinj

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Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia are two of the many gems of Slovenia. Lake Bled is a popular tourist “must see” and Lake Bohinj is more of a hidden gem that is gaining popularity. Driving from the highway, you come along Lake Bled first and are entranced by this alpine village situated in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. In the middle of the village is the emerald colored, glacier lake demanding the center of attention. The water is pristine and the swans gliding in the lake bring to memory stories of magical settings in children’s books.

In the middle of the lake is an island with a church with roots going back to 745 AD. Since the 17th century, the church is of Baroque appearance. Getting to the island is a romantic, relaxing ride in a Pletna boat operated oarsman. They do the work for you as you soak in the tranquility. If you are more of the active type, you can rent the boat and do the rowing yourself.

Surrounding the lake are charming hotels and restaurants that resemble Swiss chateaus or villas. It is a complete escape to sit and enjoy the famous cream cake of Lake Bled or a glass of wine while cherishing the ambiance and beholding all the beauty around you. Also looking down on the lake, on a cliff, is the statuesque castle that adds the perfect touch to this enchanting atmosphere.

As if Lake Bled were not enough, there is the undisclosed and often eclipsed Lake Bohinj. Driving past Lake Bled, you follow the road all the way to Lake Bohinj. Many people do not discover this hidden belle of the ball. She is an unexpected stunner despite any loyalty that lingers for Lake Bled. It is difficult to chose a favorite. Luckily, it is not needed. One does not need to choose because they can both be enjoyed in the same day.

Arriving to the lake itself, it takes your breath away looking at the reflections of the mountains in the crystal clear lake. At the entrance of the lake stands the Church of St. John The Baptist. The church is over 700 years old and parades the beautiful architecture and fresco paintings from this time in Slovenia’s history.

Leaving the church, you cross over a beautiful bridge that looks out towards the lake with people swimming (depending on the season) or enjoying other water sports. The air of contentment fills the air. You can lay in the sun or enjoy the water as you like. If it is not warm, there may be snow to appreciate as it transforms Lake Bohinj from a fairy tale into your reality. You can also keep driving around the huge lake and discover more stops for picture taking.

Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia are two of the most gorgeous lakes not only for Slovenia, but for all of Europe. Both lakes free you of this world’s worries and show you that there are places on our earth that are still pure and unsaturated with long lines and overpriced tags attached to them. Welcome the novel concept that sometimes people and places really can delightfully surprise you.