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Slovenia4seasons  is a travel agency situated in Slovenia. It is specialised in day trips, shore excursions and costumized tours in Slovenia, italy, Croatia and beyond for individuals as well as organised groups (friends,family). Slovenia 4seasons offers private and highly personalized tours. This kind of tours are suitable mostly for travellers who expect more freedom and service.  Our intimate knowledge of Balkan and Central&South Europe is an advantage for our tour guests and all of our itineraries are designed by us to give you a highly personalized and unforgettable experience. In addition to private tours, day trips and shore excursions we specialize in theme-based tours including visits of wineries, meals at farmhouses, cooking classes, scenic drives, cave exploration, transfers, fishing tourism, vintage cars rentals and more.


Andrej Vatovec was born in 70s in a small town of Postojna, Slovenia, not far from the famous caves where he still lives . A graduate from the University of Ljubljana, he has worked as a tour manager in Europe since 2000 for all the largest tour companies. After getting enough experince in organizing and leading tours, he has decided to settle down a little bit and Slovenia4seasons was a logical next step.

He tries hard to pass the passion and love of the places where he worked and lived to his fellow travellers and with his intimate knowledge of itineraries you can get an inside view of countries you visit.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family and friends. He likes wintersports (as every Slovenian), Istrian wines and good cuisine.

Robert Čebokelj was born in 70s in a small town of Postojna, Slovenia not far from the famous caves where he still lives. Growing up in a family where cooking skills are deeply rooted in Slovenian heritage, Robert was practically born to cook. Passionate cooking and love for wine has been on the menus since mid 90’s when he opened his restaurant.

Rakitnik 1a
6258 Prestranek
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Rakitnik 1a
6258 Prestranek

VAT NO.:85367656
Registration No.: 7027702
Licence No.: 1756, 1757

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IBAN: SI5 6100  0001 3143 071
Bank name: Delavska Hranilnica d.d.
Bank address:Delavska Hranilnica d.d., Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana




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