Slovenian Coast and Piran, the dream city

Slovenian Coast and Piran, the dream city


Piran, the dream city. One of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterra – nean, Piran has preserved its unsurpassed charm. Enter the picturesque Pi – ran, get to know its rich history and culture, and listen to the stories of the people.The proximity to the sea and the rich history, which is mirrored in the architecture, draw magical scenes. In Piran, you will feel as though you have stepped right into a picture postcard. You will be charmed by the nar – row streets within the old town wall. In the main square, you will be greeted by the statue of the most famous man in Piran, the well-known Giuseppe Tartini, composer and virtuoso violinist who was born in a house just steps from the square. On the pier, you can catch sight of fisherman unravelling a fishing net. A market woman from Piran will have just delivered vegetables, fresh from her garden, to the market. Locals sitting by the sea, chatting and listening to sounds of the sea, greet you with a nod.

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  • 170 euro / per person (group of two)
  • 125 euro / per person (group of three)
  • 110 euro / per person (group of four)
  • 95 euro / per person (group of 6 or more)

Includes walking tour of Piran and Koper, roundtrip transportation, English speaking guide/driver on the tour, VAT and insurance.