Cave Exploration in Slovenia

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Cave Exploration in Slovenia


Cave Exploration in Slovenia

Slovenian territory is of Karst nature and over 10,000 caves are known in Slovenia. Explore it and go spelunking in Slovenia!

Your cave exploration in Slovenia starts as our guide/driver picks you up from your hotel or accomodation and takes you to one of non-touristy caves in Inner Carniola region of Slovenia, where you meet an experienced licensed english speaking cave explorer. Before entering the cave you’ll receive a portable rechargeable flashlight, boots, helmets and protection clothes. The caver will first explain the basic rules and behaviour in the cave, when visiting a non-touristy cave. At this pont will be already time to enter the cave and let the real adventure starts. Emediately as entering the cave you start to explore the wild cave systems of the original Karst. You navigate through pitches, squeezes, and water while spelunking, you limb and crawl your way through passages. Then you navigate through steep and slippery slopes and you get your adrenaline pumping. A spelunking experience includes also underground rafting or a rubber boat tour. The caves we visit many they have underground lakes and rivers and in order to procide through the cave you have to boat your way through. The time you spent in a cave is approx. 5 hours. Once back to the surface you’ll be transferred back to you hotel.

We recommend all the guests to dress warmly in layers it is always colder in the cave 11C/48F. Long pants, jacket with long sleeves and extra warm socks recommended. Slovenian Karst territory is a breathtaking and bizarre underworld where you can experience exclusive, outside of the standard tourist norm activities.

Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, a pioneer of the study of karst in Slovenia and a fellow of the Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge, London, introduced the word karst and cave exploration to European scholars in 1689, describing the phenomenon of underground flows of rivers in his account of Lake Cerknica.

cave exploration in slovenia

Tour price:  

225 euro/per person for 2 people

190 euro/per person for 3 people

155 euro/per person for 4 people

115 euro/per person for 6 people or more

Price includes: professional cave guiding while in the cave,cave equipement, roundtrip transportation, English speaking guide/driver on the tour and basic insurance.