10. 11. 2017


Hi Andrej,

What a fantastic trip! Overall, Slovenia is one of the prettiest countries we as a family have visited together and working with your company truly made the experience authentic and more of an adventure than a tourist trip.We touched on a lot at the farewell dinner, but below is just overall feedback.

– Starting in a major city and working out to the farm/ country side of Austria and Slovenia
– Sound of music tour was good, but there does need to be a bit more, which is why going to the Eagles Nest was perfect *recommend for other travelers
– Farm house in Slovenia – Definitely we could have spent another day just relaxing there or walking to the nearby river
– Sailing – Breaks up the trip from walking tours and museums and got us out on the water
– Staying in Trieste was the best option out of all the towns visited
– Dinner at Stari Podrum – One of the best
– Cave experience
– Visiting the mountain towns

Thank you again! Great experience.

Jackie Delie, USA