18. 6. 2019


A very memorable tour

We were composed of a family of four, a friend and a new acquaintance.
We were warmly greeted by Stefan who was already waiting for us as we converged in front of our hotel five minutes before the said call time.
Our acquaintance, who happens to be a very learned person and a well respected but humble physician initiated the trip with some relevant questions that eventually made the whole group relaxed as Stefan knew his craft and more importantly Stefan had humor. He knew his history and he was very neutral in giving his opinions. Stephan was very entertaining, accommodating , fun to be with and well grounded.
At the end of our memorable trip, we all felt like we were ALL family and we felt like we couldn’t wait till the next trip together. We wish that there will be many more Stefans in our future trips. Stefan is a very safe and attentive driver and tour guide . He is passionate with what he does coupled with an icing of humor and concern that definitely makes the trip very worthwhile.

Juntereal Socorro, Cavite City, Philippines