5. 7. 2019


Customize your day with Andrej

We had a spectacular day seeing Lake Bled and the town of Ljubljana,and I guess if you have only one day in Slovenia this is where I would suggest you go. In our 7 hours Andrej took us to the best spots giving us history, geology , biology and many other interesting facts along the way. He also talked about Croatia and Slovenia and the many other things he offers for future trips. He definitely wetted our appetite for a return visit .

Becky and I had great time with you but I am writing to tell you your suggestions for the next 4 days really hit the spot.

The next day we did not go to Split.  We met some new  friends that were going to Plitvice and they had room for 2 more. Spectacular.

In Rijeka we took the bus up to the  Castle wandered around, walked down and around town before we went to Place Podrum.

We had your suggested wine with great fish.

IN Dubrovnik we walked the walls first. We then had a drink in a bar in the cliffs.

When then took the ferry to Lokrum where I swam and we had a nice meal at the place you recommended .

Today we got a guide who took us up the serpentine road the 25 turns to Njegusi where we ate ate a private house and got wonderful prosciutto , homemade wine and stronger

Alcohol:) . I even bought some of the ham that I hope to take home .

Thanks again

Art Brown, USA