26. 10. 2022


Best kept secret of Slovenia.

There’s a part of me that hesitate to write this review because I want to keep Slovenia 4 Seasons as a secret to myself. This is the best tour operator that I have ever engaged in the past decade. Andrej had been very patient in email exchange from July until October, revising, and requoting the itinerary couple of times.

As someone with Tourism background, I have to give my guide Stefan a very high marks because he excel in every aspect as a guide and even more with his attention to small details. Several days with Stefan going around Slovenia, Trieste, and Salzburg was one of the best European trip I have ever experienced.

Of all the European countries I have visited, Slovenia is definitely the most beautiful, organic, and peaceful. Slovenians are very very nice people as well whether in cities, villages, Apls, or sea side. And I have never experience a single bad food in Slovenia, even supermarket popcorn was good.

Once I experienced Slovenia with Stefan, it’s difficult for me to enjoy other European countries because the benchmark is really high.
My suggestion is to visit Slovenia after you have visited all the European countries then close it with Slovenia and engage Slovenia 4 Seasons as your tour operator.