6. 5. 2016


We arranged a one-day tour from Ljubljana to the small village just over the Slovenian border in Croatia where my grandparents were born in the 1880s. Our your guide was from the area (she lived about 10KM from the village) and made an effort to contact a number of people in the village to find out more information for me. She took us on a lovely ride through the country, rather than the main highway, to the village. I was able to locate the street on which the house where my grandfather was born was located, and the guide engaged the neighbors to help me locate the exact house. The house was vacant, the guide talked to the neighbor and got information about the owner for me. On the way back to Ljubljana we stopped at village graveyard and helped us look through gravestones for possible graves of my ancestors, then took un on a tour of the nearest large town, which would have been the commercial center where my ancestors went to shop or sell goods. She pointed out buildings that existed at the time my grandfather was there. It was a very moving experience and our guide was very professional and first rate. I would give this agency the highest marks for the day.

Bob Evans, USA