Human fish watching


Human fish watching

Come and see the Human Fish in thier natural habitat!

Slovenia’s karst territory is a breathtaking and bizarre underworld where you can experience exclusive in the world “Human Fish” nature watching experience.

Human Fish a 30 cm long bizarre subterranean creature, can live for more than 100 years and can survive for 14 years without food.

Human Fish watching is a fun and exciting activity, suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is a truly rewarding and memorable experience. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Human fish watching experience starts when you are picked up from your accommodation and transferred to a cave. Professional licensed caver will guide you through the cave, underground boat ride will folow to maximize your chances to see human fish. Later you are taken back to the surface and transferred back to you hotel.

We recommend all guests to dress warmly in layers it is always colder in the cave 11C/48F.Long pants, jacket with long sleeves and extra warm socks recommended.

Before entering, visitors receive a portable rechargeable flashlight, boots and helmets.

Tour price:   

                        140 euro/person for 2 people

                        110 euro/person for 3 people

                         90 euro/person for 4 people

                         70 euro/person for 6 people or more

Price includes: professional cave guiding while in the cave,cave equipement, roundtrip transportation, English speaking guide/driver on the tour and basic insurance.