22. 2. 2021

Adriatic to the Black Sea

Stunning Europe through our eyes.

Travelling has always been our obsession. Beautiful coastlines, lined with white sands, forested mountains wrapped with twisting roads, create a sprawling landscape in my eyes. The world is gorgeous, and sometimes it stuns you unexpectedly with its pristine beauty. Talking about Europe, it always seems undiscovered due to uncountable natural and architectural sites. The Balkan states, in particular, are among the major tourist attractions.

Recently, when we got desperate to travel, we decided to make a Balkan tour from Adriatic to the Black Sea. From the beautiful cerulean Adriatic coastline, known for its scenic beauty and clustered islands, we started from Albania, then North Macedonia. We traveled to Bulgaria, exploring the beautiful locations and ending at Black Sea.


The ideal time to visit Albania is from April to June, when the temperature is 17 to 23 degrees celsius.


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A private tour of Albania will start from Tirana International Airport where you’ll meet your guide. You’ll be transfered to your centraly located hotel right on the main square.

Tirana is a 1600 years old city with disintegrating buildings from the soviet-era and proud historical monuments. The city is bounded by beautiful natural landscapes, which call for exploration. Tirana is not a big city, and you can easily roam around the whole place in a day, ideally by a private car.  Places to visit are Skanderbeg Square, a vast central plaza, Ethem Bej Mosque, the National History Museum, and many more.



From Tirana, there is a 2 hours drive to reacha Berat Old Town. Berat is located on the Osum River in Central Albania. It is known as the City of Thousand Windows. It is selected as a UNESCO site due to its dense white traditional houses from the Ottoman-era. Apart from the other architectural structures, topping them all is the Berat Castle, a massive fortress.

 Berat castle is the most prominent structure, as it is located on a rocky hill. The colossal castle belongs to the Roman era, now inhabited by the townsfolk. The spacious compound holds within the Red Mosque, Byzantine churches, and Onufri National Museum. On another side is the Ethnographic museum, displaying traditional crafts, a reconstruction of an old bazaar. The structure is an 18th-century house.

There is an observation deck, which gives you a breathtaking view of Gorica Hill, and the Mangalam Quarter, and the beautiful mountains surrounding Berat.

Kruje District

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Kruje is a small town in north-central Albania, between Mount Kruje and the Ishem River. Kruje holds significant value in Albania, as it is the hometown of George Skanderbeg, the greatest Albanian hero ever lived. It’s a small town which can be explored in just a day. The places to visit are the Skanderberg Museum, Fateh Sultan Mehmed Mosque, a Turkish bath, and dinner at Bardhi restaurant for delicious Albanian food.


The North Macedonia republic is located in the southeast part of Europe, neighboring Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo & Greece.  The country offers beautiful scenery from lakes to mountains and is rich in history. Private Balkan tours can be a great help to explore the best of the country. Capital city Skopje offers two sides: the old town start Čaršija has beautiful sightseeing with narrow alleys and on the other hand the new modern center where you can find hotels and restaurants. Similarly, the city of Ohrid has the UNESCO world heritage site lake of Lake Ohrid.


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Ohrid is the largest city at the lake and the eighth-largest city in the country. The city offers different tourist attractions. The city has been inhabited since ancient times by the Greek Dassaretae. The ruins of Samuel’s Fortress was so fascinating to watch, which was built to guard the town from the attract from the First Bulgarian Empire. The ancient theatre of Ohrid is a treat to watch which indulges you in ancient history. Ivans  gallery is the art museum which attracts a lot to explore. St George(the theologian) is a grand historic church, a must-visit place. Natural sites to explore are Beach Potpesh and Old City Park.


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Skopje is the capital city of Republic of North Macedonia; Skopje indulges tourists towards its urban beauty, which is situated on the river Vardar. Romans rule the city, the Serbians, and the Ottomans; its vibrant architecture, landscape incorporated ottoman’s era of mosques is marking Skopje as an international travel destination. The ancient structures of Skopje include Macedonian Square, the Stone Bridge, the Grand Skopje fortress. Lake Matka is a beautiful naturalistic location, where you can spend a pleasant afternoon. Another idea to spend your evening is going to Old Bazar, which holds beautiful mosques and churches, a clock tower and the museum of modern art.


visit bolgariaBulgaria is a Balkan state with a distinct advantage over its neighbors. Bulgaria offers a kaleidoscope of culture and fun activities. The proximity of these various cultures ensures that the country has a steady stream of local and international tourists throughout the year. Bulgaria is a must-go place if you are planning for a Balkan tour. Different private tours offer to visit Bulgaria packages that suit your time and money. The main tourist attractions in the country are Capital Sofia, Plovdiv & Varna.


visit bulgariaNature lovers can enjoy the best outdoor activities, cafes, and nightlife. Rich in history, landmarks are over 2000 years old, capturing the tourist attraction. If you are into a live band, Sofia is your place to visit amongst all Balkan tours. You can find piano bars such as Big apple, Sinatra, and LimeLight.


visit bolgariaPlovdiv is a must-go place; you can witness why it is called the cultural capital of Bulgaria. Its old town has many tourist attractions like a Roman theater, art gallery, museum; apart from that, you can find many cafes and restaurants to treat you to local food.


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Bulgaria’s city of Varna is the city by the sea; in your Balkan tour, VARNA must place if you are a beach lover.  From golden sands to beautiful resorts. Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria at the seaside of the Black sea coast. Varna is the city with the significant economic, social and cultural center of Bulgaria.


The Balkan tour is the best way to explore the natural landscapes and cerulean beaches lined with white sands—the white houses with pointed terracotta roofs. Whenever you plan a private tour for Albania, you must not forget this setting going all the way from the coast of  Adriatic to the Black Sea. Check the selection of small group tours and private tours to the Balkans here….