Croatia delight tour – 13 days

13days/ 12nights

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Croatia delight tour – 13 days


Croatia is renowned for its stunning 1,100-mile-long coastline along the Adriatic Sea, which is adorned with approximately 1,200 captivating islands. The remarkable natural beauty of the Croatian coast provides a captivating backdrop for the numerous highlights of the Croatia Delight tour.

Our journey commences in the north, in the historic town of Poreč on the Istrian peninsula, where we will also pay a visit to a local winery. We’ll explore attractions like the Pula Roman Amphitheater and the charming town of Rovinj before traveling south. En route, we’ll make stops at the enchanting Plitvice Lakes and Krk island before reaching Split, where we’ll spend two nights. Afterward, we’ll head to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the fascinating culture of Sarajevo over two days. As we bid farewell to Sarajevo on our way to Dubrovnik, we’ll pause to visit the iconic Mostar Old Bridge, explore the Pelješac peninsula, and savor the charm of Korčula island. The tour will culminate with three memorable nights in the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, where you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the neighboring country of Montenegro. This journey is a true delight for those seeking captivating experiences in Croatia and beyond.

Day 1
Arrive at Trieste, Ljubljana, Pula, or Venice Airport, where your guide will be ready to transfer you to Hotel Mauro, a comfortable 4-star accommodation in Poreč, your home for the next three nights. After check-in, take some time to unwind and recharge after your long flight. In the afternoon, join your guide for an introductory stroll through the historic center, followed by a welcoming dinner and aperitif. This is the perfect start to your adventure. (D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 2 - TRIESTE/LJUBLJANA/PULA/VENICE AIRPORT- POREČ
Day 2
Your morning exploration begins with a visit to the historical gem of Poreč, a UNESCO site. The 6th Century Basilica of Euphrasius, adorned with stunning Byzantine mosaics, is a must-see. Afterward, you'll have some free time for lunch. In the afternoon, prepare for a delightful tour of the picturesque Istrian countryside. This excursion includes a visit to a winery, stops at charming hill-top towns, and a memorable dinner featuring Istrian cuisine specialties, including truffles. Enjoy the flavors of the region. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 3 - POREČ - ISTRIA COUNTRYSIDE - POREČ 
Day 3
Pula, located at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, is the major town of the region. Your day begins with a guided walking tour led by a local expert, where you'll encounter a wealth of ancient Roman architecture. The centerpiece is the remarkably preserved Roman amphitheater, situated right in the heart of the city. Following the tour, you'll head to Rovinj, known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. This charming old town boasts cobblestone streets and a picturesque waterfront setting. Return to the hotel, and enjoy a free evening at your leisure. (B)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 4 - POREČ - PULA - ROVINJ - POREČ
Day 4
Croatia boasts one of the world's most stunning coastlines, teeming with numerous islands. Begin your day with a scenic drive from the west coast to the east coast of Istria, making a delightful coffee stop in the charming coastal town of Opatija. Then, continue your journey to Krk, Croatia's largest island, connected to the mainland by a majestic bridge. Here, you'll explore the towns of Soline, Krk, and Vrbnik, where you can savor local Nobile wine. Later, you'll be transported to the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia's premier attraction. Your accommodation for the night is at Hotel Degenija 4* or a similar option, with dinner included. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 5 - POREČ - OPATIJA - KRK ISLAND - PLITVICE LAKES
Day 5
The Plitvice Lakes, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, are a natural wonder and global treasure. This extraordinary National Park is distinguished by its sixteen interconnected lakes, cascading waterfalls, and extensive woodlands inhabited by a diverse array of wildlife. Your comprehensive tour encompasses both the Lower and Upper lakes. It commences with a visit to the towering 260-foot Great Waterfall, followed by a 90-minute hike through the Lower lakes. Afterward, there's a break for lunch and a delightful boat ride across the largest lake. The journey then continues with another 90-minute hike through the Upper part of the Lakes, concluding with a scenic train ride. Following your Plitvice Lakes adventure, you'll be transferred to the beautiful coastal city of Split on the Adriatic Sea. For the next two nights, your accommodations will be at Hotel Luxe 4* or a similar option, conveniently located just a short stroll from the historic district. Dinner is included at a local restaurant. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 6 - PLITVICE LAKES - SPLIT
Day 6
Today, Split stands as the largest city along the Dalmatian coast and holds the titles of administrative, cultural, and economic capital. The city's roots stretch back to Roman times, specifically to the year 305 AD when the ancient Roman Emperor Diocletian had his palace constructed here. Interestingly, Diocletian was born in the nearby town of Salona, present-day Solin. The remnants of his palace now constitute half of the city's historic center. Your morning will be dedicated to exploring the myriad beauties of Split in the company of a knowledgeable local guide. Then, during the afternoon and evening, you can unwind on the beach, savor wine at a sidewalk cafe, or simply relax and enjoy the splendid surroundings. (B)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 7 - SPLIT
Day 7
Today, we depart from Split and head towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Mostar as our first destination. Mostar serves as the primary city in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, nestled on the banks of the Neretva River. During the days of the Ottoman Empire, Mostar emerged as a crucial trading center. Here, people of various backgrounds, including Jews, Christians, and Muslims, coexisted and engaged in trade. This intermingling of cultures and nationalities turned Mostar into a vibrant melting pot. At its heart stands the Old Bridge, a 16th-century architectural masterpiece commissioned by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. Although it suffered destruction during the war in 1993, the bridge was painstakingly reconstructed using original materials and reopened in 2004. During a guided tour of the old town of Mostar, you will explore these historical wonders, including visits to a Bosnian house and a mosque. After the tour, you'll have some free time for lunch at one of the riverside restaurants. Later in the day, we will continue our journey to Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, representing a multi-religious and multicultural society. The city boasts a vibrant atmosphere with numerous coffee houses, restaurants, and shops, making it a charming place to explore. You'll spend two nights in Sarajevo at the centrally located Hotel President 4*, situated next to the Baščaršija bazaar district. Tonight, you'll have the opportunity to sample authentic Bosnian cuisine at a local restaurant. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 8 - SPLIT - MOSTAR - SARAJEVO 
Day 8
Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a unique meeting point of Eastern and Western cultures, characterized by its multi-cultural and multi-religious atmosphere. This vibrant city is brimming with colorful coffee houses, restaurants, and shops, reflecting the warm and welcoming nature of its people. To begin our day, we'll embark on a guided city tour of Sarajevo, including a visit to the Tunnel of Hope area, an important historical site. In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a special dinner hosted by local Bosnian families. This experience will offer a genuine taste of Bosnian culture and hospitality. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 9 - SARAJEVO
Day 9
After departing from Sarajevo, we will cross the border into Croatia and make our way to the charming village of Ston. In Ston, we'll have the opportunity to walk along a section of The Great Wall of Croatia, which happens to be the longest fortress system in Europe, offering stunning views and rich history. Later, we'll head to Mali Ston for a delightful boat excursion on the bay. During this excursion, we'll visit an oyster farm where you can even partake in harvesting some oysters. These freshly harvested oysters will be served as a tasty starter for our included lunch along with local wines, all enjoyed on board. After this enjoyable experience, we'll transfer to Orebić, a picturesque waterfront town located on the Pelješac Peninsula. Here, we'll stay for two nights at Hotel Indijan 4* or similar accommodation. Your evening will be free, allowing you to explore this small seaside village at your own pace and savor a delicious dinner at one of the many local restaurants. (B, L)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 10 - SARAJEVO - STON - OREBIČ
Day 10
We'll embark on a short and pleasant ferry ride to reach Korčula, renowned for being one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean. This island has a rich history that spans the Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. After our informative guided tour of Korčula, you'll have some free time to explore its charming narrow streets and even visit the famous house of Marco Polo. In the late afternoon, we'll pay a visit to a local winery on the Pelješac Peninsula where you can sample their exceptional wines. This will be followed by a delightful dinner, providing you with the chance to indulge in local flavors. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 11 - OREBIČ - KORČULA - OREBIČ 
Day 11
Today, we'll transfer to the fabulous city of Dubrovnik, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Adriatic." You'll enjoy a two-night stay at the luxurious Grand Hotel Villa Argentina 5* or similar accommodation. Upon arrival, you will be guided by a local expert for a walking tour of this extraordinary town. The tour will encompass Stradun, the main street, and the majestic defensive walls that have protected the city for centuries. The afternoon is yours to explore Dubrovnik at your own pace. In the evening, you will embark on a memorable dinner experience within the walled city. This is a great opportunity to savor the local cuisine and soak in the captivating atmosphere of this historic city. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 12 - OREBIČ - DUBROVNIK 
Day 12
Today, we'll bid farewell to Dubrovnik and venture into the neighboring country of Montenegro. Our first stop will be in Perast, where you can capture stunning photos of Our Lady of the Rock island. Then, we'll proceed to Kotor, a unique coastal town that has a rich history, having been a part of the Venetian Republic for more than 300 years. Many of its historic fortifications and buildings remain intact, making Kotor a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Montenegro has its own unique history as an independent principality and kingdom between 1696 and 1918. We'll visit the village that served as the ancestral home of its ruling dynasty. The day's adventure continues to Mount Lovčen, where you'll explore the mausoleum of Petar Petrovič Njegoš, a renowned Montenegrin prince and poet who holds a significant place in the country's history and culture. We'll navigate steep country roads to reach these two important historical sites. In the afternoon, we will return to Dubrovnik. To conclude this incredible journey, we will gather for a farewell dinner in the evening. It's a perfect opportunity to share your experiences and impressions with fellow travellers. (B, D)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 13 - DUBROVNIK - MONTENEGRO - DUBROVNIK
Day 13
It's time to say goodbye to this remarkable tour. Your guide will ensure your comfortable transfer to Dubrovnik airport at your preferred time. We hope you've enjoyed every moment of your journey, and we look forward to welcoming you back on another adventure in the future. Safe travels! (B)
Croatia delight tour – 13 days - day 14 - DUBROVNIK - DUBROVNIK AIRPORT

What's included:

  • Transportation in luxury passenger mini-van with extra leg room
  • Transfer to Poreč hotel from Trieste/Ljubljana/Pula or Venice Airport airport on day 1
  • Transfer to Dubrovnik airport from hotel on day 13
  • 12 nights hotel accomodation based on double/twin bed occupancy in a 4 or 5 star hotels
  • Full time professional English speaking guide while on the tour
  • Local Guides for walking tour in Poreč, Pula, Split, Sarajevo, Mostar, Korčula and Dubrovnik
  • All breakfasts, 9 dinners with drinks, 1 lunch with drinks, 2 winnery visits,...
  • Entrance fees to War Tunnel Museum Sarajevo, Turkish House Mostar, Dubrovnik Walls, Rector’s Palace Museum Dubrovnik, The Great Wall of Croatia at Ston, Mali Ston Oyster Boat Trip, Diocletian’s Palace Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Basilica Euphrasian Poreč and Amphitheater in Pula
  • Organization, basic insurance and VAT.
  • Visit Poreč Basilica Unesco site with local guide
  • Take a photo of Rovinj- The Pearl of the Adriatic
  • Hike Plitvice Lakes
  • Have a coffee at the Opatija coastal promenade
  • Visit Pula´s Amphitheatre
  • Enjoy the view from hilltop town Grožnjan in Istria
  • Walk the Diocletian´s Palace in Split with a local guide
  • shop at Sarajevo Old Bazzar Baščaršija
  • Experience the lunch on the oyster farm in Ston
  • stroll the seaside promenade of Korčula
  • Explore Dubrovnik and its walls with a local guide
  • explore mysterious Montenegro

Croatia Delight tour begins: Poreč, Croatia

Transfer from Ljubljana, Trieste, Pula or Venice airport on Day 1

Other airports on request.


Croatia Delight tour ends: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Transfer to Dubrovnik airport on Day 13

Other airports on request.


Slovenia and Croatia tour – 10 days - July 2017

“Spectacular scenery with 5-star personalized and attentive service!” My multigenerational family, including two toddler daughters and 70 year-old mother, loved our experience with Slovenia 4 Seasons! We serendipitously found their brochure in the lobby of our hotel, the Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste. Thus began the best part of our trip, which up until then had consisted of lovely but somewhat impersonal train rides through the Swiss Alps and a self-guided (i.e. lots of walking in the hot sun, waiting in line behind hordes of other tourists, overpaying for water taxis) tour of Venice. We had the time of our lives with Slovenia 4 Seasons, with our jovial tour guide Jernej regaling us with the history and culture of Slovenia and Italy as we were driven smoothly in an air-conditioned and very comfortable minivan through the pristine countryside and perfectly preserved storybook villages of Slovenia--just about half an hour from Trieste, but so orderly and clean compared to Italy--and unspoiled due to its status as a hidden gem and also the national character of cleanliness and pride in caring for their small but self-sufficient country. On the first day, we drove up the mountains to a hilltop playground where my daughters gleefully swung on monkey bars seemingly located at the top of this new world, then back downhill through rich green forests, and around picturesque stone and stucco clad villages, each with a proud little church that hosts every villager's wedding, funeral, and a book that contains hundreds of years of ancestry records. Our tots found the bumpy cobblestone streets of Groznjan, a beautifully-preserved and refreshingly uncrowded medieval Croatian village, to be as charming as they were fun and challenging for their little feet to traverse, an entertaining obstacle course on the way to a feast of sumptuous prawns and grilled fish. We ended the day in Lipica, the site of the Lipizzaner stud farm with gorgeous white horses as well as three roly-poly ponies that the girls delighted in meeting. The next day Jernej took us to the graceful capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, where we visited the colorful and spotless and bustling city center and delicious Farmer's Market. The highlight for the girls, however, was a fantastical indoor playground--Mala Ulica--with a little kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and cafe where they were served freshly squeezed orange juice, grilled cheese, and milk. It was hard to convince them to leave, but our next stop was the most spectacular yet--the dramatic Predjama Castle, built into the side of a cliff with a soaring network of caves extending overhead and through to the other side of the mountain. Jernej introduced us to his friends at the welcoming onsite restaurant, where we dined on savory venison goulash. Our experience with Slovenia 4 Seasons could not have been better or more personalized to our needs and interests--Jernej was willing to literally drive us anywhere we wanted to explore, and stop anywhere for photo ops--and allowed us to see and do so much more, in comfort and safety, than ever would have been possible on our own. We wish we could take them with us on all of our travels--having spent time with tour guides from all over the world, their service truly stands out for their attentiveness, flexibility, creativity, and warmth. We can't wait to go back and see more with Slovenia 4 Seasons!

Josephine, California, USA

Croatia delight tour – 13 days - September 2021

Great 2 week private tour We had a great 2 week private tour that went from Slovenia to Greece. We had specific requirements for dates and and one person had to leave the tour earlier than everyone else so Andrej tailored parts of 2 itineraries to work for us. This required a lot of back-and-forth and he was always very responsive. Add this to the fact that he had to keep up with the Covid policies of 6 countries and make sure we could get our covid tests before coming back home. He did a great job and all went smoothly. Our tour manager Blaz drove the van, filled us in on the background of all the countries in colloquial English, told entertaining stories, made sure we always had a decent bathroom when we needed one and took us to several places not on the itinerary that we would never have found ourselves. He was totally on top of every detail and we always felt totally secure, even in countries where we might have otherwise been uneasy. Our tour included about half our meals and the food was really good for all of them. In one very remote place where the plan had been to eat in the hotel for 2 nights due to lack of other options, the food had gone down hill since the last time they were there. When we mentioned that we were less than happy with the meal, Blaz managed to find us another place for the 2nd night that totally met our expectations. All our hotels were extremely well-located. We could just walk right out the door and be in the heart of the nicest part of town. They were all 4-star, as promised, though it turns out that different countries have their own rating system and there were some that would not have been 4 stars by American standards. Still, even the ones that were not quite as polished were clean and otherwise perfectly adequate. All in all, it was a fabulous trip and I would highly recommend Solvenia 4 Seasons to anyone.  

Kate G., USA

Alps and Adriatic odyssey – 12 days - May 2023

Hi Andrej I would like to express my appreciation for the way we were looked after on our trip. Stefan was fantastic and no praise is great enough for him. Although it was unfortunate that we were on our own, it did mean we could deviate from the original tour program in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik and see things we did not see on our first trip. I must add that the walking and climbing of steps did take its toll on our legs, we survived, but I don't think we could keep up with a younger bunch. Once again, thank you for a fantastic trip. Best wishes!

Alastair&Jen, SA

Croatia tour – 9 days - May 2023

Trip of Lifetime - Slovenia, Croatia, Italy I highly recommend Slovenia 4 Seasons who planned and carried out a wonderful trip for two couples, traveling in Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. Andrej, the owner, was always easy to contact and extremely responsive from initial inquiry to finalizing all the details. Andrej had many good suggestions set forth in his different package tours, yet was flexible to accommodate our travel interests. It is truly a customized, personalized travel experience. And, S4S goes to many other countries as well. We traveled in a very comfortable van with our own tour guide, Blaz, during the first 10 days of our trip. Blaz was very personable, knowledgable about all the sites we visited, and always concerned for our wishes and well-being. In each city we visited, Andrej and Blaz arranged for local guides to show us the highlights so that we saw things we surely would have missed otherwise. Each local guide provided an unbelievable amount of information about the people, customs, and history of each town. The hotels along the way were all well situated, well equipped, and with friendly staff. Most of the hotels were luxurious. Our trip typically included breakfast every morning at the hotels and we had several dinners along the way with Blaz. We started in Ljubljana, Slovenia and traveled over the space of ten days all the way to Dubrovnik at the southern end of Croatia. Each day was well planned to include a walking tour and plenty of time to be on your own. After Slovenia and Croatia, we went to Trieste, Italy where we again stayed in a wonderful hotel and enjoyed the local sites. Andrej then took us over to Venice, Italy for a fabulous day trip. We then ended our trip with a few days in Munich, staying at Louis Hotel. We found the city and the hotel to be absolutely fantastic. Andrej arranged our transfers to and from airports, which were all done as professionally as the entire trip. There are too many good things to say about Andrej and Balz along with the amazing places we saw and friendly people we met along the way to put everything into one review. For any who have concerns, English was spoken by nearly everybody we encountered, you felt quite safe everywhere and at all times of the day and night, and you were treated as a welcome guest everywhere. For a trip of a lifetime, you should book with them, right away.

Jim E., Florida, USA

Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro & BIH – 9 days - September 2023

The best possible tour of the Balkans We have travelled a lot but the 15 day tour of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro that Andrej organised for us was exceptional. Everything from choice of hotels, driver/guide, everything seen, food and wines, local guides and total ambience of the trip was more than anybody could ever expect. We began the trip with minimal knowledge of the countries we visited but, by the end of the comprehensive input from all the guides, we are leaving with some considerable knowledge of this complicated and exciting region. Slovenia4Seasons should be the first choice of anybody intending to visit the Balkans and beyond.

David C., AUS

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    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Plitvice Croatia
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days
    Slovenia4Seasons - Croatia delight tour – 13 days

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