17. 11. 2020

Umbria – the Green Heart of Italy

If there’s a hidden magical green hilly area on earth, it’s none other than Umbria, Italy. It is located in the center of Italy, bordering Tuscany, Lazio, and Le Marche. The mysterious region, often known as Italy’s green heart, is surrounded by meadows and grasslands. Besides greenery, Umbria has something to offer for every taste.

Where to go and what to see on the Umbria tour?

Here are the top attractions that are a must-visit in Umbria tours:


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Don’t forget to visit the home of San Francesco, built over Mount Subasio. Here you can find antique white stone palaces that can take a history buff to ancient times. If you’re the one close to religion, you can have a spiritual experience in the city as Italy’s Patron Saint, St Francis, lived and prayed here for a long time of his life.



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Spello is a beautiful village located on Mount Subasio where you’ll hardly see tourists. It is a town for locals, but they will welcome you with a smile if you visit. Here you can find many cathedrals and churches worth visiting.

Lake Trasimeno

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One of the largest lakes in Italy is Trasimeno. It is worth visiting if you’re planning a honeymoon with your partner in Italy. The lake is surrounded by villages where you can find resorts for a night’s stay. So you can experience a stargaze at the lakeside with the love of your life.



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The capital city of Umbria, which is also known as’ Chocolate capital of Italy.’ If you visit Italy in October, you can have fun at the Euro Chocolate Festival.

Marmore Waterfalls

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Marmore is the tallest man-made waterfall collected in the Neva River. The cascade was created by Romans back in 271 BC. There are five different routes to reach the destination. You can choose any of them depending on your fitness level.

What to eat

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Umbria will undoubtedly give your taste buds a delightful treat. The most famous Umbrian foods that you must try include black Truffles, Salted Ricotta at Perugia, Fish at Lake Trasimeno, Porchetta sandwich, and Pasta Alla Norciana. Take olive oil and cheese as gifts for your dear ones as Umbria has the best production of these.

What to drink

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Italy is at the top list of countries producing wine today, and Umbria wine is notable of all. So when visiting Italy, wine is the first choice of drink for every visitor. You can not resist without sipping the tanned red wine at Montefalco. Moreover, the town of Orvieto is also famous for Umbrian white wine.

Things to do at Umbria Tours

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The best things to do at Umbria tours are as follows:

  • Have a musical night at the Umbria Jazz Festival.
  • Hike along Mount Cucco to admire the mesmerizing nature and landscape.
  • Visit the most romantic city-Spoletto with your loved one. The city features an bridge/Roman aquaduct that traverses a massive fortress on one side and gorge on the other.
  • View sunset at the terrace of the café at Spello while having a latte and your favorite dessert.
  • Take instagramable pictures at the square of three walls at Todi that is often used as a movie set.

From delicious cuisine to historical destinations, to wine tour, to balcony sunsets, to night stay at resort-style villages—Umbria is the epitome of a tourist destination. Check our combine Tuscany and Umbria tour